Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Visiting Teaching

I am the worst visiting teacher on the planet. Haven't done it for like, a year! My sweet VT companion apologizes to me all the time for not coordinating it--like it's all her fault. Like, I can't get off my keester and put forth some effort. Well, this month I went out and bought these cute little easter pails to fill up with goodies. They're still sitting on my counter-all assembled, but not yet distributed. I still need to call my comp. and see when she can go, and then call our sisters and see when would be good for them. Here it is the 26th of the month already, Easter has passed, and I'm just too lazy to do what I need to do. I'll end up doing one of those drive-by's we all hear about. At least that would be something. Hopefully I'll get on the ball tomorrow, and at least call my companion. We'll see....
We walked to the park today. It was gorgeous out. We had a little picnic lunch, and the girls played for a bit. I think tomorrow I'll pull out the craft projects. Ashley is pretty artistic-so I need to find something she'll enjoy doing. Haley just likes to do whatever Ashley is doing-typical little sister I guess.
Ashley is such a good big sister. Haley is asleep on the couch right now, and Ashley is trying to wake her up and get her into her bed. I'm afraid she might try to pick her up-Haley probably weighs as much as Ashley does, so it should be interesting to see how this turns out. O.K. now she's poking Haley in the face, I guess I should say that sometimes she's a terrific sister.
They drive me crazy with their fighting sometimes, but whenever I've had enough and start yelling, it's sweet how they turn to each other for comfort.
Well, it's 10:00, and I'm actually going to try to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.

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