Friday, March 28, 2008


I should totally be cleaning the house right now. The boys are both napping at the same time. Actually, I should be out weeding the yard. We got a notice from the homeowners association about the weeds on the side of the house yesterday. It's funny that I hadn't really noticed them-they are getting out of control. (sigh) I just don't feel like working I guess. Or maybe I just know i'll just get started and the little guys will wake up. Jason, who used to be the long napper, now only sleeps for about a half hour and Justin has become the long napper. I think they like to keep me on my toes-so they're always switching things up.See, Jason just woke up-30 minutes-that's all he slept for. Ahh but he gives the best hugs.Do you suppose Heavenly Father made babies so cute so that their parents don't just get rid of them? I'd probably be in jail if my kids weren't so cute.Justin totally crawled today. They've both been getting up on their hands and knees, and kind of propelling themselves forward, or just skooching to get where they want to go, but today Justin took 3 little not really steps, but steps with his knees. I'm in big trouble now. I'd better get this place baby-proofed asap. Jason has discovered his tongue again. It's always sticking out. I think he thinks he's the lead singer of KISS or something. He's also always rocking on his bum. When he's sitting on the floor, he just starts kind of bouncing. Sooo cute-but really, I think he already wants to be a rock star. Not quite the direction I'm hoping he'll take in life. :>)Well, I'd better see about getting myself ready for work. I definitely need a shower.


the meyer fam said...

Mikki...that's awesome that you have a blog now. Your life will never be the same!! :)

b13 said...

Thanks for joining the game :)

Rod & LaDawn said...

LOL! I just got one of those notices too. Funny how those darn things grow overnight isn't it. I would swear they weren't there yesterday! I have to say I definitely agree with you on the cute baby thing. Mine are such little stinks most of the time. I'm pretty sure He knows that if He didn't make them irresistable & cute, everyone would stop at one kid & the species would eventually die out or we'd end up selling them to the circus (or worse)! Anyways, thanks for a good giggle & BTW I really appreciated your sweet comments :)