Sunday, March 30, 2008

blah, blah, blah

I'm not too sure why I decided to join this blog thing. Who am I writing this stuff for anyway? And do I really have anything of value to say? Funny thing is, I'm really enjoying it. I look forward to it-am I sick or what? Why is that anyway? Maybe it's just a way to get stuff off my mind-not that my mind is too full of much besides jello these days. Maybe it's just a way to...I don't know get in some me time. (you'd think I'd go get a manicure or something-then again with the twins-it's kind of hard to get away). At least I'm not usually stuffing my face while I'm blogging-that's got to be good. Ever since my third trimester last year, I've been consuming inordinate amounts of chocolate and cookies. I haven't gained back all my pregnancy weight yet, but the scales are definitely inching up. So, I'm resolving to regain control of my out of control habits. Hopefully in the process I can set a good example for my sweet children, seriously they need to eat something more than chicken nuggets, ramen noodles and mac n cheese. I need to take up some physical activity as well. We're cleaning out the garage tomorrow. Hopefully we can make enough room to set up our glider and I can feel guilty about not making it out there to exercise on it every day LOL. Well, it's late again, guess I should head for bed.


jamieBEE said...

I READ your blog!! and I LOVE IT!
:) You keep taking some "me" time because I love to read everything you write!!! :)

the boyd family said...

how's the garage cleaning go? i've been dreading it, but i need to do some organizing of closets and whatnot. it's such a pain!