Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spa Night

We gave each other manicures and pedicures the other night. Here is mine. Ashley painted my toes for me. Not bad. Funny how one of my feet looks wider than the other. Maybe it's the camera angle? Here is Ashley's. Haley started it for her, and I should have taken that picture too, the nail polish started at her knuckles and went down to her finger tips. It reminded me of that Lay's potato chip commercial where the girl is getting a manicure. The texture looked about the same. This is it after I cleaned it up a bit.
Here is Haley's. The next day, she took great delight in removing half the nail polish from both fingers and toes, saying she was doing an AB pattern-she's been learning about patterns in kindergarten. Don't kids have the cutest hands and feet?


the boyd family said...

yeah!!! you're a new blogger, i'm so excited. i really feel like i get to know people/families better that way.

the spa night looks way fun... i did kylie's fingers just this morning... see that's why i like having girls! although they're too young to paint my toes, right now i'm still the one doing all the work.

Erin said...

Hey Mikki, your So fine, your so fine you blow my mind...HEY MIKKI! I sing this in my head every time I think of you! Great blog! I still have nothing on mine so I'm not snubbing you. You will be added as soon as I create something;)

Nicole Manuele said...

Your blog is very cute! That looks like so much fun. I bet the girls loved it!