Saturday, April 26, 2008


Why is it that the year after you have a baby, your mind turns to mush? I can hardly ever speak a cohesive sentence lately, let alone put together a cohesive thought (and no, I couldn't think of another word to use, so I just used cohesive again).
Anywhoo, I forgot what I was going to blog about. See, total mush. My daughter is laughing at me about this mush-brain thing. Just wait Ashley, it's gonna' happen to you someday!! LOL
Justin is learning how to wave. I showed him the other day, and then yesterday I called his name, and he just started waving--at himself, with a big smile on his sweet little pudgy wudgy face. I must be tired, because I'm acting dopey; who is, by the way, my favorite dwarf. Jason has begun to crawl the normal way every now and then, instead of the "army" crawl.
We've all been a little sick this week. Ashley has had a minor head cold. The boys both have had yucky noses. Justin got some sort of 24 hour bug, as did Haley. She had to stay home from school Thursday. Jon and I both have also had a touch of that bug I think. I think we're all on the mend. So, it wasn't as bad as I initially thought it would be when I blogged about it the other day. I actually got more rest than I expected to.
So, I hope I've been able to put a cohesive thought down here tonight. :p


the boyd family said...

hehe! it's true, complete mush. but to add to your thoughts... my brain goes into complete mush during the pregnancy too. i can't even help it, i don't hear what people are saying to me. matthew and i will be a part of a conversation (this has happened about 3 times this week alone) and he'll say, "don't you remember, so and so said that..." and i truly don't remember. :) so you are not alone my friend, not alone at all!!!!! :)

Mikki said...

oh yes, I remember the pregnancy days too, it all begins there.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree...somehow babies such the brains out of us In Utero!

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