Monday, April 7, 2008

Deep Thoughts

Here's a conversation between Haley and me today. I don't remember thinking things out this much when I was her age-6 yrs old. It went like this.
Haley: Who were the first people on Earth?
Me: Adam and Eve
Haley: I'm kind of confused.
Me: About what?
Haley: were they married?
Me: Yes, Heavenly Father married them.
Haley: Did they have kids?
Me: Yes, I guess they had lots of kids.
Haley: I'm kind of confused.
Me: About what?
Haley: Did their kids have babies?
(I can just see the little wheels turning inside her head. )
Me: Yes
Haley: I'm kind of confused
Me: About what?
Haley: who did they marry?
Me: I guess the brothers and sisters had to marry each other.
Haley: Eeeuuww!!!


Nicole Manuele said...

Oh that's so cute. It's hard to explain things like that to a 6 year old.

the boyd family said...

awww, i get where that can be confusing :) smart little girl to figure that all out!!!

Missy said...

She is very smart!