Saturday, April 5, 2008


O.K. so, I'm letting the boys play on the floor in the living room before their bedtime. I'm in the kitchen cleaning out the pantry/compiling my grocery list so I can hit the store tonight and stock up for the week. The kitchen overlooks the living room, so I have a birds eye view of the boys, and they're totally cool, amusing themselves-nobodies screaming. I'm thinking "cool! they're just hanging out and not whining for me to be right there playing with them-I can get this done real quick, get them to bed and hit the store."
So, I go to grab something from my purse and I smell the distinct odor of baby poo.
OK, I need to stop and change someone's daiper. I head back to the kitchen to finish whatever little thing I'm doing and happen to glance over at the boys. There's Justin, with Jason's poop on/in his little hands and the hand is headed for his mouth!!! I start freaking out. "No Justin, stop. No Justin No!!" I start yelling. Needless to say, there was quite a little mess to clean up.
I hope you can't get sick from eating poop. I don't know how much he consumed. I don't think it was much, just a taste. He did manage to smear it all over Jason's back, and on himself a little as well. I hope this isn't indicative of twins or boys in particular. I think Jason had leaked out the back of his diaper, and Justin just happened to look over and think to himself "Hmm, what's this? Let me check it out. " ... and that he did....
Please don't report me to child protective services.


Nicole Manuele said...

Oh I'm sorry! I can't believe he did that! It makes you wonder why they would want to eat that when it smells so bad.

Missy said...

OOh, that is awful! One of those messes you do not want to deal with, x 2!!

Rod & LaDawn said...

OK...this is me throwing up in my mouth!!!! LOL! It must be a boy thing because I had to pull rabbit poop out of my youngest's mouth not to long ago. I think I brushed his teeth 20 times! The thought still makes me sick. You would assume they'd think better of it when they got it close to their mouth and got a whiff or at least spit it out when it tasted like crap! I seriously think they understand and appreciate shock value at this tender age!

Anonymous said...

the worse my sisters did was to eat cat food. My youngest sister remembers it and said it was good. Now I know what kind of snack I should buy for her.
Putting things in your mouth is necessary to discover and learn. He was just curious about this thing his brother had and wanted to know more. LOL
What do you think he learned???? LOL

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness... ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

mikki! You're the BEST!!!!!

that is so gross... i love it!

Anonymous said...

See what happens when you blink? :) And that whole, sniff and taste thing... I don't really think men outgrow that. Ha!