Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ashley

My Ashley turns eleven today! I can't believe it.

11 Awesome Things About Ashley

  1. She's artistic. Loves to draw, design, create lots of things.
  2. Lately, she's taken to making jewelry. She's thinking of having an Etsy shop.
  3. She loves candy. Especially the fruity variety.
  4. She's very generous (she got money for her birthday, and bought everybody else something with it!).
  5. She's very messy!!! I have to harrass her to clean up after herself constantly.
  6. She has a very unique sense of style.
  7. She likes science.
  8. She's a terrific big sister.
  9. She's very loving. I used to call her my love bug.
  10. She loves marshmallows.
  11. Her favorite musician is Taylor Swift.


Hope it's a great day!


Anonymous said...

AWW SWEET ASHLEY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is so awesome! you forgot to mention ONE more awesome thing about her--- That beautiful Girl looks JUST LIKE HER MOMMA!!!!!!!! :)

I hope she has the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

sneak an extra piece of cake for me :)

tammy said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Shauna said...

Happy Happy Birthday to cute
Ashley :)

Erin and Marc Dudley said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!! I had to leave church early and I was sad that I wasn't going to get to sing to you in Primary! I hope you have a WONDERFUL day! xx Sister Dudley

Cherrybaby said...

Wow, I can't believe she's that old! Happy Birthday Ashley.

Anonymous said...

Happy B'day Ashley! I love your taste in earrings!