Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok, I went back and checked.....and it's been over six weeks since I hit my dang funny bone.
And the tip of my finger is STILL NUMB!!!
And it's been like, what....ten months???
My Christmas village is STILL UP!!!!!
I won't even go into the post-pregnancy weight that's still there.
Anything still lurking around your place?


Merrianne said...

my post pregnancy weight is still lingering... oh wait... i think i lost it once, but it found me again about 2 years ago! anyhoooo---- it wants to Linger.

i dont have too much lingering around this house & that is just because we moved heree only a month and 1/2 ago! if we were still living in the other house, there would be PLENTY! it is funny when i was packing things up to move and i was like-- OH MY GOODNESS! i couldn't believe the things i was coming across that should have been put away months before!

i can't believe your finger is still numb. that is not a good feeling... what the crap happened inside of there???? i hope the feeling returns soon!

tammy said...

That is weird about your finger!

I love that your Christmas village is still up. Now you're ready for Christmas this year.

Cherie said...

I too love that your village is still up - Sometimes I wish I would just leave mine up because it is alot of work to take down and then put back up again. Ha
Good going girl!

The finger - Ouch!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Merrianne almost made me spit my drink. I have to agree, I have some nasty pounds lingering... oh, and WAAAAY too much school work I said I'd sort through--two years ago. (They don't send drawings, work, projects etc home here when they're completed, they send ALL of it at the end of the year-- I have FOUR kids going to school, can you imagine what a year's worth of work looks like time four?).

I love that your Christmas village is still up-- it's quirky :-)