Sunday, October 18, 2009

Post Birthday post

So, here are some of Ashley's party hi-lites. Wizard's Brew

Ghoulish hors d'oeuvres included rat droppings(cheese), eyeball of newt (grapes) and lizard tongues(sliced carrots). I never did think of anything to call the olives. Oh well.

mmmmmMummy toes!

Bat wings. These were REALLY lousy.
Remind me next time to just order them from someplace.

These are supposed to look like owls. I think they came out a little more like cats.
They didn't taste too good either. Probably would have been better warm.

Potion mixing

Ashley wanted a cookie cake this year. So, we tried a spider web-ish one.

Big fun!!

Haley won the search for the Sorceror's stone.

Lots of game playing in between--which of course, I forgot to take pictures of.
I also forgot to snap some good shots of all the girls costumes. Duh!
They were pretty cute though.
Bye everyone! Thanks for coming!

Now if one of those cute little wizards could make the mess magically disappear!


Merrianne said...

oh my goodness Mikki! you could totally make money on being a PaRTY PlaNnER! This looks fabulous!
and i bet Ashley loved every second of it! your daughter is so lucky to have a Momma like you!

and i love all of the "Creepy" food! those mummy toes look so good! i love those things!

Kristina P. said...

Mikki, I am so impressed! You did a great job!

Amy J. said...

I could totally see the owls...really I could! What a great mom you are! What a memoriable day. That photo of the twins looking out the window needs to get hung on your wall.

The Foulgers said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! Mikki the party looks like it was a huge success! What a fun day!:)

tammy said...

Love it! Connor wants a Halloween party. maybe I can send him over.

imbeingheldhostage said...

awww man, I want to live in your house. I hope she appreciates you-- what a Cooolawesome party!