Friday, September 24, 2010


Crazy how some things work out.
I kind of sort of but not really almost for about a minute (get that?), had the chance to go to London next month. It would have been with work. Helping to set up a store for one of our exhibitions. Fell through. Poor me.
As I pondered my options for all of those three minutes, here were my thoughts:
It would be awesome to go to London!!! Yes, count me in!
Leave the kids for a week? Sure!!! I could use a break. Would it really be a break? I'd be working the whole time.
Can I really leave my kids for a week?
Sure, no problem.
Really? It's the other side of the world practically!! Do I want to be THAT far away from them?
um, no. What if the plane crashes or something?  Then they'd have no mommy. Jason would be devastated (he's kind of a momma's boy). They'd all be devastated. Except maybe for Justin, I think sometimes he just doesn't like me all that much.
Hmmm, not sure if I want to do this after all.

Funny. I didn't even have to get away to realize how much I would miss them.

Well, now I get to go to Salt Lake without the kids (without daddy too) for my grandma's funeral.

And even though the reason I'm going isn't the greatest, I sure am looking forward to a little time away.

Guess it's easier knowing I'm just one state away.

I suppose I should be packing and stuff. dang internet.

Post Edit: Jon, if you're reading--don't be offended. I'm not looking forward to getting away from you!!!! Just the kids, you know, those moments when they're acting up (which is like, all of them). And those times when I can't use the toilet without an audience of two plus a cat (which is like, all of the time).


Kristina P. said...

Well, the weather today is rather warm! I am hoping it will cool down to nice fall weather next week.

Connie said...

London or Salt Lake City, we all need a break! I hope the funeral turns out well and you can visit with lots of family!

Cherie said...

I think we all need a break from time to time whatever the reason.
Your husband is going to be SO GLAD to see you when you get back!

Jenny said...

I totally understand what you mean by needing a break.

Sorry about the loss of your grandma. Have a safe trip.

Bex said...

Not that cats are the same as kids, but I can relate on the level of missing the husband. Time away is AWESOME and sometimes- much needed, leaving for a vacation a state away is easier - but wow! Another country, detached from the continent even - that's a hard decision! I probably would have made the same. ♥

Sorry to hear about your Grandma :(

Terresa said...

Go go go! I went last year around this time for 2 weeks and would go again, umm, right this minute if I could. Go & enjoy, girl. Do you need help packing??

Anonymous said...

you are going to have a great time and i just read your post about finding out that your grandma passed away. i am sorry to hear that. but it sounds like you are handling it very well. isnt the Gospel wonderful? it really helps in times like this.