Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The pinecone park

Alright, I'm really not loving bloggers new features. Especially the picture loading thingamabobber. It does seem to load them faster which is way cool, but I'm not sure about formatting them now. So, these will probably end up posting all out of order. Sorry.

So, we went to the local little park/playground after dropping Haley off this morning. It's a cute little spot. I don't actually know it's name, but I'm calling it the pinecone park.

(see what I mean? All out of whack) Jason's trying to get me to give him the camera.

so, here's why I'm calling it the pinecone park.

Lots of pine trees, with the much sought after (by my guys anyway)

EXTREME close-up, taken by Justin. Just look at those freckles!
Justin and Jason both had to take some pictures. So here is Justin's (or maybe it was Jason's?)
wow look, here's the other ones'. Eerily similar no?
looking for pinecones.... 

3 little pinecones sitting in a row....
Go forth and propogate!!
nice (or not) candid shot.
this was a fun little discovery. Not sure which tree they come from,
but they're pretty cool. Kind of like a dandelion,
as it matures it becomes all wispy. Make a wish.....

the best picture I got out of this guy. He wasn't being too cooperative., actually wanted me to take a pic of his backside. silly boy.

can you see them? They're looking for pinecones. They kind of blend in with the background. That would be good if we lived on the African plains. Not so great when I need to find one of them asap.

still looking....
our finished product.
If you come to my house, you'll soon find it overflowing I'm sure, with a plethora of pinecones.
Maybe it's time for one of those glitter projects I saw all over the place last year.

So, hey I think I just figured out how to do this formatting now. That's cool, just in time for the end of my post.


Kristina P. said...

I love pinecones. That place looks awesome.

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like fun. YOU are so cute.

Cherie said...

Hey Mikki there a worse things than pinecones :-D Something about those little spiky brown nuggets definately attract kids though. I like what you did with them in the vase in the last shot - very creative.
I love the freckle picture!!!

The Foulgers said...

What a fun day at the park. That's a really cute idea to put those pinecones to use, very fallish.

Merrianne said...

i love pinecones

looks like fun and i like the pinecones you put in that vase! that looks neat!

Laura said...

Glad you found a nice park near your new place! Pinecones are a great thing to decorate with for fall!

Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

Looks so pretty outside. I love pinecones. We have a bunch the kids put PB and bird seeds on to hang on trees but we have not taken the time to hang them up. Thanks for saying hi the other day. Sorry I am so out of it these days. We do love it here ad feel life is speeding up so fast. Utah is beautiful and I hardly miss the south. Well, I think I miss the rainstorms the most... anyhow. Have an awesome day!

Connie said...

Great camouflage! Looks like lots of fun and I LOVE freckles! Six of my 8 kids are loaded with freckles!
Cute picture of you too!

Teachinfourth said...

Looks like a perfect park to go to...