Saturday, September 11, 2010

Things I wanna know....

What's up with the "kk" in text messaging? Is it supposed to be cute? I just find it annoying.
I mean why 2 k's? Why not just "k"?  If you're going to the trouble of two k's why not just do "ok". They're not that far away from each other on the keypad.
What do I have to do in order to be able to respond to comments via email? I can't figrue it out. What option do I select on my blog features to enable that?
Where have all my brain cells gone and am I too young to suffer from dementia?
Why is it that the louder I raise my voice, the less my kids seem to hear me?
Which is more addictive, sugar or caffeine?
Why can everyone else but me get my kids to take a nap? Seriously. I have to get to the point where I've lost it and become Super Mean Mommy before Jason understands he better. go. to. sleep. NOW!
Is it only Vegas or everywhere these days where girls go out looking like a h**ker on purpose?
I just don't get it.
Have you ever let the laundry pile up 'til you had absolutely nothing to wear?
(I haven't quite reached that point yet, but I'm considering it).
Why do swear words feel so right?
Other words just don't generally do the situation justice.
(oh, and how do I break myself of this nasty little habit?)
So, what kind of things do you wanna' know?


Kristina P. said...

Do you get all your comments emailed to you? If so, if the commenter has their email set up in their profile, like I do, you can just go to your email, and respond to their comment from there.

steveroni said...

Mikki, I believe this is my first visit here. Oh well, you'll be sorry I found you soon enough!

This is a delightful post...and WHAT a way to start a day--reading about "kk" or "ok", etc., etc. I truly mean, since I have just a few brain cells left (and they are always busy quarreling with one another) I get to use them BOTH right here--grin!

EACH thought you put out here I could answer--with wit and charm, naturally!!--another grin! But I'll pick a favorite:

"Which is more addictive, sugar or caffeine?"

The answer? I don't know, because I drink them mixed together--more than a gallon every day--that 128 ounces is maintenance. More than that, and my addiction takes over. When that happens, the Peeps at Starbucks put up signs like, CLOSED!

I really like your writing style, and thinking style. Can you tell?

Steve (
See? I DID read them all!

Laura said...

Good list - I'd like to know some of those too! Text messaging - will the kids of the future even be able to talk?

Jilene said...

I wanna know how you took the words right out of my mouth???

Annette Lyon said...

Sugar. Definitely.

And what Kristina said--enable comments to be sent to you. And then on YOUR profile, click on "show e-mail" so others can respond to your comments.

Garden of Egan said...

Sometimes swearword just work. Sorry.
When my kids got too loud I started whispering to them. They had to quiet down to hear the threats I was giving them.


Connie said...

You should learn some swear words in sign language. You can still use them but just not outloud.

Let me know if you want a tutorial.

Good questions.

Jenny said...

Texting still baffles me! I am with you on the using on "k".

I don't know how to answer comments via e-mail either.

The search is on at our house for my missing brain cells. I think they started disappearing right after the birth of my first child.

Children know how to tune us out.

I think both are addictive, which do you want to give up first? I would have to pick caffeine.

As for the way girls dress, it is every where. I am appalled by the things that are sold for young girls. Even more appalled when I see both mother and daughter sporting the same "H~~ker look" and think it is cute.

Twice now I have let the laundry pile up until we have no towels to use after a shower and no clothes to wear. I spent my weekend washing 2 loads person. I am still not done. I managed only to get the kiddos clothing washed and one load of must haves for hubby and i done.

Gotta run kiddos are complaining about something. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

kk is wierd.
my daughter said that if you put just ok then someone might get offended... but if you put kk... its supposed to be a friendly version of ok.


girl. i HAVE gotten to the point of putting on dirty-ish clothes cuz alll the laundry was undone! hahaa!!! but hey.. they were jeans... and they are good for like a week right? right!

tammy said...

Sugar, for sure. Well, caffeine too. I'm addicted to both.

Swear words. Even when I don't say them out loud, I say them in my head.

I've never seen kk in a text. I must not be cool.

Teachinfourth said...

Too many questions myself to even think about it.

Shorthand in text messages bothers me in general.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you are right.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Like Kristina P said, if you're getting them in your email, and if THEY are set up properly, you can just reply right back. A lot of people don't have their email option turned on. I love your swear word comment. Some of those fluffy words just don't cut it, do they. ;-)