Saturday, July 12, 2008

Captured in Time [TAG}]

Capture a moment in time from the view of your desk/computer.
Rules of the Tag:
1.Take no more than 3 pictures from the view of your desk
2.Post them on your blog w/ captions either on the pictures themselves or below/above the image describing everything in the picture.
3.Tag 6 people including the person who tagged you. Linking their name with their blog url.
4.Title your post “Captured In Time”

My dining room in the morning. The boys have already been up for two hours and have begun their daily annihilation of all things neat and tidy. (they weren't really that neat and tidy to begin with). The Today Show is on tv. That's Friday, my kitty on the floor by the dining table.

Sorry this pic came out a little blurry. There are the piles of laundry, waiting to be put away. I probaly should be doing that instead of playing on the computer. There's our dvd rack in the background.

My little blockade to keep the boys away from the books, on the right, and Justin working on getting through. My Christus statue--(I got it at wally world for 20 bucks. No way could I afford the one at Deseret Book for $200). There's a sinkful of dirty dishes in the background.

Ok, I tag....
1. Rebecca
2. Erin
3. Heather
4. Mrs. Mordecai
5. Melinda
6. Jilene


Jilene said...


Anonymous said...

W♥W..i love your pictures!!!!

Rebecca said...

Great job Mikki!!!

Thanks for doing the tag, I love the creativity that your house radiates :) Now I can visualize your surroundings as I read your blog :)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Thanks for the tag! Just so you know, I haven't forgotten you!