Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What are the odds?

OK, so, the girls were sooooo excited to go swimming. Haley was asking me from the moment she woke up this morning how long it was till we were going to go. Seriously, every half hour..."How long til I can change into my swimming clothes mom?" So, finally, 6:15 rolls around and we're off to the community center for Family Swim time.
Here are the girls, all decked out for swimming. They're sooooo excited.
So we get to the community center, and what do we find?

Family Swim time
has been cancelled.
Sorry for the
Oh man!! You've got to be kidding!? Haley starts crying. Great. So, I decide that we'll go check out the other community centers. But we'll have to hurry, or they won't have much time to swim. So we get to the next closest center. It's open. Yay! We get inside, and I go ask for vests for the girls. The guys asks "Are you here for lessons?" I say, "No, we're here for the family swim time".
"Oh, sorry. " He says. "It's been cancelled tonight."
You've got to be joking!!
Well, there's two more community centers listed in the recreation guide. So, I attempt to find them in time. No luck. I couldn't even find Bruce street. Where the heck is Bruce Street?
Well, when life hands you lemons....
We ended up going to Sonic for ice cream and slushies. Then when we got home we played in the sprinklers.

Night salvaged. But still, the pool would have been so much more fun.


The Foulgers said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sad! Why were all the pools closed? Well, Sonic is always good. You'll just have to try to swim another time, I'll bet this time you call ahead first though!:)

Rebecca said...

AWWW, what a stroke of bad luck - your girls must have been crushed. But way to go Mom in coming to the rescue with slushies and sprinklers! You're so fun! :)

Anonymous said...

you made their day have a Happy Ending! You are A Great Momma!!!

the boyd family said...

oh no, that's just a mess. don't you hate seeing disappointment in your kids' eyes and you just desparately try to fix it- and fast!!! way to save the day with sonic and lawn sprinklers!!!! they look it was a happy ending :)