Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Swim time re-visited

We made it to the pool this week. They didn't cancel the family swim time. Yaay! Jon even went with and we took the babies. They really enjoyed the water, especially Justin.
So, we swam for about half an hour, then the lifeguards called everybody out of the pool. I thought it was just so we could all take a break. Well, guess what?
Somebody cr**ped in the pool--alot!
So, we got to leave early. At least we got passes for the next time.
Ah the joys of the public pool.

Haley's so sweet. She just told me her hugs are free. The best kind!


♥Merrianne♥ said...

that is soooo sweet!!!! ♥

i have a littlesomething for you on my blog! check it out :)

The Foulgers said...

Are you kidding me! You have the worst luck with that pool! I think you better stay home next time, just to be on the safe side! LOL!