Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A review and a gripe

Well, my mom and dad are going home tomorrow morning. :o(
It's been nice having them around all week. I love it when they come to visit.
They were so sweet tonight and babysat all the kids so Jon and I could go on a date! It's been a while since we've gone out together, just the two of us. We went to Batman "The Dark Knight".
Oh my goodness. What to say about it. I thought it was really good. It was really, very bittersweet to watch though. Heath Ledger really did a great job as the Joker I thought. It was sad to watch him portray this character knowing that perhaps the darkness of this character may have contributed to his death. He had so much potential I think, as an actor. I don't really get into Hollywood and all that stuff, usually, except to shake my head sometimes at some of the antics that go on. But, I do have some favorite actors. Heath wasn't ever really on my radar. I thought he was an ok actor, and enjoyed a few of his movies. But I was saddened by his death. It seemed that he died too young. Anyway, I just wanted to comment on the movie. I really did enjoy it for the most part. Just kind of sad ya' know?

The boys had their one year check up yesterday. They're doing great. How about this for crazy though? They're supposed to get their first chicken pox shot at a year, and right now, the doctor's office can't have that immunization to give out to insured patients. Only people without insurance are allowed to receive it right now--unless of course I want to pay $111 a pop for it at the health district. Insane. Oh well, maybe they'll have something they can give in a couple months time. He said to check back. They still had the pleasure of receiving their measles shot and their hep A shot. Poor little guys.


Mrs. Mordecai said...

Growing up, my parents' insurance didn't allow us to have our shots at the dr. office, they had to be at the health department. What a pain!

That's odd about the chicken pox shot. Oh, well, at least it's not something life-threatening!

Anonymous said...

DANG!!! Espen$ive shots!!!

it sounds like you had a good time with your parents!!! it is always sad to see loved ones go. :(

just wanted to let you know...i changed my blog address to

see ya there ♥

The Foulgers said...

Jason just saw that Batman movie last night as well. He said it was amazing. I guess I'll have to wait till it comes out for rent. That's the only time I ever get to see a movie!:) I'm glad you got a break!

the boyd family said...

yes... same thing happened when i went to the doc... kylie's supposed to have her chicken pox booster, and again they couldn't give it to me because WE HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. how crazy is that????????

Rod and LaDawn said...

That's crazy! It stinks that people are paying obnoxious premiums and being denied care because they HAVE coverage. That's a wee bit irritating. I wonder what the reasoning is behind that.

Ditto on the Heath Ledger thing. That's so sad. I do want to see that movie one of these days.

Anonymous said...

it reminds me of the MTC. What is the common between the twins and my experience in the MTC?

Bised chiken pox I did all the "children" desease. So I did not have to have shots. Of course on the MTC papers there was no room to explain it. So when I went in they totally freaked out when they saw that "I had not had my shots" and I had to sign a paper certifying that I was ok.