Friday, January 30, 2009

Help a sister out! (Tammy, did you use that title already-like last week?)

My friend G, over at Back and Then has got this big test coming up on February 2nd. If she passes, it would be so awesome. It would greatly help to improve life for her and her sister.
Read a little from this post here.

So, since this is so important to her, I want to do what I can to help. The thing is she lives in France, so it's hard for me to go help her study for the test, or supply her with the answers on the big day. LOL

But, I figure, since she's going to be fasting about it this Sunday, then I can too.
What I'm wondering is, would any of you be kind enough to add her to your prayers this week? If you feel like adding her to your fast on Sunday, that would be way awesome, and I know she'd really appreciate it too.


Shimmy Mom said...

Prayers being sent.


tammy said...

lol - that's okay, I probably stole it from somewhere else. That's what we're here for, to help a sister out!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. The worse is that I really cannot fast this Sunday (today) because I have been really sick yesterday and all night long. I got it all (fever, migraine etc...) I am better today but I just hope that I can fully recover before Tuesday. My test is only 5 hours long and I have a translation (good thing this is my strong point, you may have notice that I do speak English) and a paper to write about a text that I will discover only the day of the test.
5 hours to do it all is not much and I know they don't expect me to go to deep because it usually takes 5 hours only for one exercise.
Then if I pass the written test I will have an oral test. Most people fear the second and not the first. THANKS TO THE CHURCH I have been used to speak in front of an impressive crowd on a set subject since I was 12, being 32 it makes 20 years of practice. Can't beat that! Stage fever not being an issue I will only have to focus on organizing my work and my thoughts.

So thank you so much for this message on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Even though I am a tad late finding out about the fasting. I will say a little prayer.