Friday, January 23, 2009

You paid how much for that trash can????????

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!! Saw this on the Today Show this morning.
What is wrong with these guys?

$1.22 million to revamp office
When John Thain became Merrill Lynch’s CEO in early 2008, he hired Michael S. Smith Design to revamp his office suite, spending approximately $1.22 million according to documents.
The following is a list of the items in his suite:
— Area Rug: $87,784
— Mahogany Pedestal Table: $25,713
— 19th Century Credenza: $68,179
— Pendant Light Furniture: $19,751
— 4 Pairs of Curtains: $28,091
— Pair of Guest Chairs: $87,784
— George IV Chair: $18,468
— 6 Wall Sconces: $2,741
— Parchment Waste Can: $1,405
— Roman Shade Fabric: $10,967
— Roman Shades: $7,315
— Coffee Table: $5,852
— Commode on Legs: $35,115

Geez! Is it any wonder the economy is in the tank?


::Jan:: said...

Wowzer Mikki. I just can't imagine that at all. I am in the wrong business. I need to sell items to those types of people.

Kristina P. said...

I'm totally with Jan.

Missy said...

WOW! Did you hear that Obama's inauguration party cost a mere $120 mill? Not sure if that's right, but come on!
Happy late Birthday! Yay for a pedicure! You should've come with us on Saturday!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

That's crazy!

You said you were interested in freezer meals--I'm no expert, but if you check out Mrs. Pear's archives, she has tons of recipes and advice.

the boyd family said...

seriously crazy! one of the many things i don't understand. i will never understand how there can be some people in this world that make 100 billion zillion dollars for shooting a basketball and then people who don't know where they'll get the next meal for their kids. simply unfair, and it infuriates me!

Anonymous said...

that is so insane! i saw that on the news and i was like OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! i just can't believe he would have the nerve to do that. what makes him think that it is ok?

Laura said...

I guess they don't shop at Target! LOL!

tammy said...

Makes me sick.

Lisa Loo said...

Reason #456 that I don't watch the news-I don't take enough blood pressure medicine to cover that kind of stress!

Anonymous said...

My first thought was to wonder what the interior designer's commission was on these items. He seems to be as much a thief as Thain.


Under the Florida Sun said...

Ugh. I caught the tail end of this too. Can you believe it.

I can't watch to much tv now's just to depressing. I like living in my la la world most of the time. Where people don't spend money on TRASH like this.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That is some out of this world spending to redecorate.

Ashley said...

Holy cow, that is just crazy!!! I can't even imagine.