Thursday, January 8, 2009

random randomness

Ok, so Sher tagged me like, three weeks ago, so I'm finally getting around to it now.

I'm supposed to list sixteen random things about myself, and then tag sixteen people. So, here goes.....

  1. I love the new year. I don't know if it's because it's always in January, and that's my birth month and my anniversary month, or if it's just the sense of renewal that comes with it. Actually, I think it is the sense of renewal. I love the idea of a fresh start. This is when I do my "spring cleaning".

  2. I love the radio station Air 1. It's a great Christian music station. I listen to it right now more than any other music. It's what I tune in to on my way to work every day.

  3. So ya'all probably know my thing with In-n-out. But, I do like food from other places too. I love a good stromboli from Carmine's Italian Restaurant. MMmmmm, so good. I like them with pepperoni, olives, and onions.

  4. I also love the capastrami sandwich from Cappriotti's (not sure I spelled that right). Oh my goodness, to die for!! They do wonderful things with pastrami, coleslaw, provolone, and Thousand Island dressing, all heated up and served on a sub roll. Oh my goodness, I could go for one right now.

  5. OK, speaking of In-n-out, did you know they only take visa and mastercard, not american express? Of course, cash too. I didn't have cash on me last night, at 11:00, or my debit card. All I had was an American Express gift card, so it really stank, when I waited in the drive-thru for ten minutes, anticipating with great delight the burger I was about to consume--only to be foiled in my plans when the clerk said "sorry, we only take visa and mastercard"!! I can't even begin to tell how disappointed I was.

  6. My favorite all time movie is "It's a Wonderful Life". I can't believe I didn't even get to watch it this holiday season. Good thing I have it on dvd. I need to go put that in the player this week.

  7. I don't know what my "talent" is. I mean, I know there's a bunch of things I do ok with--crafting, sewing, yada, yada. But, I can't think of anything that I am "great" at.

  8. Boy, this is tougher than it should be.

  9. I want a sewing machine for my birthday. I wonder if that's a possibility, since I just got the digital camera. I'll have to make Jon's birthday present really good in order to swing this one.

  10. Haley's birthday is two days before mine, which means birthday party, which means there won't be any money left for my sewing machine. :o( Oh well. :o)

  11. I've done between two and three load of laundry every day this week, and there's probably still eight loads left. Does someone have entirely too many clothes or what?

  12. I've started writing something. Mostly on my lunch breaks at work, and in quiet moments at home (read, in the bathroom). Wondering if I'll actually finish this one.

  13. My Christmas village is still up, waiting for me to take it down. It's on the plant shelf, way up high in the living room. Everything else is down and put away, but I'm lacking the motivation for this one. Hope it's not still up for next Christmas.

  14. almost there, hmmm, I need to make a dentist appointment for everyone in the family. I personally haven't been to one for a very long time. Not looking forward to that.

  15. I've spent too much time on the computer already this morning. The house is getting messier by the moment. It's amazing how much destruction can be wrought by two little tiny people. (and of course, none of this mess could be mine!!)

  16. I may have uttered a swear word or two last night when I found out about the whole American Express thing at In n Out.

Whew, there you have it. Now, to tag some people. I'm not even sure sixteen people read my blog anymore, I've been so out of the loop. But, here goes: Shauna, Kristina P.(I know you love the tags), Laura, Nicole B., Lene, Merrianne, Shabby Princess, Amy J., Annjilla, Tammy, Dolly, Lisa Loo, Shimmy Mom, Jessica, Back and then, and Robin.

Ok, so blogger is messing with me right now, and it wouldn't save after I did all the linking. So, I'll try to link all those up later. Sorry. I've just got to get to that mountain of laundry.


Kristina P. said...

That's a perfectly good reason to swear.

And I can't promise I will ever do this tag. I have so many to do!!

the boyd family said...

i was just thinking that i want to set the timer for 1 minute and list all the random things i love, in a blog post. that came to me 2 o'clock in the morning during an infant feeding. we must be on the same wavelength :)

that thing with in and out totally sucks. ugh... and i'm with you on that laundry thing. there's always MORE!

Laura said...

I feel for you with all that laundry - I don't like doing laundry for two people, I can't imagine how much you must have!

Missy said...

I love this post. I would've swore too! I also love Cappriottis and Carmines. I miss living so close to Carmines!
I've been trying so hard to keep up on the laundry too, but as I gathered every one's baskets today I have another 5 loads or so!!

Shimmy Mom said...

My laundry is never ending too!!! I'm beginning to think that the pioneers had the right idea. 3 outfits per person. One for every day, one for wash day and one for Sunday. Do you think my family would go for that kind of change?
I will definitely do this one, but it might take me a week or so, so be patient with me.

Anonymous said...

love the tag Mikki!!! i love it when you get tagged ♥

and yes....

i'm Baaaaa--aaaaack!!!!!!!!!


tammy said...

Fun! I'm feeling the need for some In-n-out now for lunch.