Wednesday, February 11, 2009


OK, Kim--you asked for it!

Kim asked if any of us have gross kids too. Oh yeah, I have gross kids. Not just gross, super messy. Makes me wonder if they're learning anything I try to teach them.

Let's see, there's the boogers that get wiped on the wall, next to their beds. And I don't find them right away, no. Only after about three months, when they're all hard and dried up, and nigh on impossible to remove. Ugh! (I think we may actually have cured them of this one, but still--there are still boogers on some walls in this house)

The bathroom is the worst room of the house. One of my darling girls is scared of flushing the toilet, I dread the day that I have a guest over who needs to use the bathroom, and I forget to double check it first, they're going to find a nasty surprise in the toilet.
They're both scared of using too much toilet paper for fear it's going to make the toilet overflow (apparently, several years ago (like five or six), when my sister was babysitting them for me, her toilet over-flowed. They've been freaked out about that ever since)----(how's that for you? parentheses inside of parentheses?) . So anyway, since she's afraid of putting too much paper in the toilet, this darling daughter of mine, wipes and then tosses the used paper in the trash can. SO GROSS!!! Their wet towels are always left on their bedroom floor. I don't know how many times I've told them to hang them back up after their bath or shower.

The messes I find in the kitchen after I come home from work some nights? Ashley is a very creative girl, and loves to try out her ideas at the kitchen counter. Unfortunately, she has yet to master the art of cleaning up after herself.

Maybe I need to nag more than I do???

And puh-lease, don't tell me how much worse my boys are going to be. I'm scared, very scared!!


Kristina P. said...

I acutally think girls are messier, but boys are probably grosser.

Laura said...

I can laugh, yes, I can laugh! There will be some good "boy" stories, I'm sure!

Lene said...

Oh the stories you will have to tell with your boys!

Sher said...

I think all kids are gross. But, I do think as mothers, we all develop a certain level of tolerance with our own children. Such as cleaning up their poop off the toilet seat (I have a child who when he wipes, if he gets some on his hands, he doesn't get more toilet paper, he wipes it on the wall.) Nast, I know.
But, I have zero tolerance for other people's kids' grossness.

::Jan:: said...

You ain't seen nothing yet. I didn't just say that :)

Boys are just that way. Sometimes they grow out of it, but most the time they don't. Your a good mommy.

backandthen said...

I will find out about my test on March 3rd.
The kitchen thing is cute, the bathroom thing is not as cute and maybe she is big enough so you can explain to her why it happened years ago and why it won't happen again.
I had never heard of such stories before...Do I really have to have children? Between the horrible stories of child birth pains and this I just hope that the kids I could have would be super smart and super hard working so they spoil me when I get old.
Yes remember this next time you have to clean anything: you'll make them pay when you're older ha ha ha ha ha ha

Kim said...

Oh, thanks Mikki! That was awesome, it makes me wonder what I did as a kid to my Mom. I really don't remember doing that much stuff. I'm all our Mom's have stories too. And, I'm sorry but I'm sure boys are worse, esp. twins. They totally egg each other on. Sometimes it's funny sometimes not so much.

Shimmy Mom said...

My daughters are much worse than my son, So maybe there is hope for you yet! But I'm right there with ya, my kids bathrooms are SCARY!! I'm hoping to make some headway in the next 10 years, so that their spouses don't think I'm a total idiot as a mother.