Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pondering things

You know that part at the end of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", where the beast turns into the handsome young prince? Was anybody else totally disappointed with his transformation? I know I was. I had come to love the beast, and seeing him in a different form was unsettling.
I've been thinking about this a little bit the past week or so, ever since I saw this post. What a brave and courageous woman Stephanie Nielson is. Do you remember her story? I'm sure many of you do, but just in case you don't--she and her husband were involved in a plane crash just over a year ago. Their pilot died in that accident, and Stephanie and her husband sustained major burns. Stephanie's covered more than 80% of her body. Stephanie was physically gorgeous before the accident. I can't even begin to imagine her emotions when she first saw herself afterwards. I can't imagine the heartache she felt the first time her children saw her. Despite this, she goes on. I'm just awestruck by her. I don't think I'd have the courage to post a picture of myself.
But here's what I've really been thinking the past couple days. I still see beauty in this woman. It shines through her eyes in that picture. The deeper beauty within emanates.
I'm wondering what she's going to feel some day, when her body is reunited with her spirit--after the Resurrection. She will have come, I believe, to love her body as it is now. Her family will too. This person she has become, and continues to become every day, is being refined into something glorious and even more wonderful than she was before (if that's even possible--she was pretty awesome before, I think); so I really wonder if, when that day happens, will she mourn the loss of this new physical being she has become accustomed to--much like I mourn the loss of "the beast" in that movie?

post script~~ I sincerely hope that this post in no way would be considered offensive to anyone, especially anyone from the Nielson family. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Stephanie and her entire family. I sincerely believe she remains as beautiful a woman as she was before the accident.


Kristina P. said...

After she posted her picture of her new self, I've been thinking a lot about this.

If you click on her blog, she has her "old" profile picture up. And she was so physically gorgeous before. She is so amazing. It puts my minor problems into perspective.

jamieBEE said...

wow - this post made me cry! It is amazing to see how strong and a survivor she is!

We all are beautiful in our own ways....


Cherie said...

I think you worded this perfectly Mikki.
I too have had similar thoughts. I love reading her blog and think she is such a courageous and spiritual woman. When she posted the picture of herself I also saw so much beauty there because I could see her soul coming out of her eyes.
She is amazing.

So glad you posted this - I think part of our journey in life is to learn from others.

Annette Lyon said...

I haven't been following Nie as regularly as I used to--the last picture I saw was the one she posted of her eyes. This one was a big surprise. How brave of her! I think your post was very touching.

Amy J. said...

Your post is full of love and admiration and I thank you for your thoughts. I was touched and uplifted. You too are an amazing woman and I am so glad to know you!