Thursday, September 3, 2009

Trying to catch up with la la la la laundry

Here's what I'm doing all week.

Do you sort really well? I don't. I separate by whites, colors, and towels. That's it.
My mom always separated brights from darks, then whites and towels, and sheets, and so on. Too bad her laundry lessons didn't stick.
A lot of her lessons haven't stuck. Like dishes, I usually leave them in the sink overnight. That's definitely not something I was taught. Pure laziness. Sorry mom!!!


The Foulgers said...

I sort like you do, but that's how I learned. I can't stand the laundry. It's the folding and putting away that always get me.

Shauna said...

LOVE that cat LOL

Kristina P. said...

Your mom was a serious landerer!

Lene said...

I seperate my laundry like your mom. It drives my husband crazy.

Cherrybaby said...

A lady with quintuplets (Wilkinson Quints) used to sort her laundry that way but with 7 kids- five of which just turned two- she now does each person's laundry separate (the quints all together) on cold. She says it saves her lots of time so I say, if it works and speeds things up- do it!

Cherie said...

I have a mom like that too. I tend to do what you do. I separate not quite so much and I am known to leave dishes. It really does not bother me if I am tired.
That would have never happened growing up. I sometimes wonder if it was the attitude of my mom - wanting it all done now and perfect - that leads me to be a bit lazier as an adult.
Anyway, you are not alone sister!

gigi said...

I leave dishes all the time.
But laundry , I 'm real OCD.
Happy weekend!

tammy said...

Oh my gosh. That kitty doing the laundry is cracking me up.

And this may be weird, but I am a better housecleaner than my mom is.

Laura said...

I just saw this - how funny!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ! that is puuuuurfect :)
is that your red bra?????? lol!
you go girl... sexy!!!!