Monday, September 21, 2009

My girl?

So, this weekend I took the girls to get their hair cut.
I thought we were just going to get a cute little bob for Haley. She looks adorable in them. Well. She's been wanting a short cut for some time now. What she'd really like is a mohawk.

Here's her before........ Here's her after.......
Where did my Haley go???? So yeah, I caved. I let her get a mohawk. You can't really see it in this pic and I forgot to snap one this morning before school. I'll try to remember to post one tomorrow. She looks like a boy, which is aok with her. Such a tomboy. My favorite comment yesterday at church was "I hope that was an accident!" LOL Nope, no accident. Purely intentional. That's my Haley.
I just loved this shot of Jason. I see future executive here. I don't know why my shots are so blurry. I must have a shaky hand or something.
Here is Ashley's after shot. It's really pretty cute. She has such difficult hair to work with. A lot of wave and some cowlics. This cut offers a little more style than she usually has in her hair. Now it goes with her fly fashion sense. (don't know if I just used that expression properly, but oh well).

(I can't believe this girl is going to be eleven years old in about 3 weeks!!!)
(birthday party ideas anyone????)

On Saturday I got a sweet package in the mail. The Mama Hood had a fun giveaway last week, and I won!!!

Jason thought it was pretty cool!

What's inside????

Lot's of goodies!!!

Sweet card....

Cute hair accessories. See Ashley wearing one of them up there??

Wet wipes??

Oh yeah, wet wipes. We'll be needing them......

Thanks Mama Hood!!! We're enjoying them.


Cherie said...

Kids are so funny!
I know over the years my boys have grown their hair long and the girls have cut it way short(One of my girls is a total tomboy! and sometimes the dad was opposed but I always let them do it because they have to get it out of their system.
I would rather have them try things out when I was there to watch over than sew a bunch of oats later in life when no one could monitor. (does that make sense).
Your daughter looks very happy with her mohawk and I don't think she looks like a boy at all - her smile is too girly and cute - even with her mouth closed! She does look like the cat who ate the canary - pretty proud of herself for getting her way!

Pretty awesome gift box - I can see why the kids would be so excited!!

gigi said...

Ditto Cherie's remarks, I totaly agree :)
Looking good and love the goodies.

Jenny said...

That is one sweet looking package you got. How fun?! Your daughters hair is so fun, how cool of you to give in and let her enjoy it.

The Foulgers said...

That haircut is totally Hailey-I love it. Ashley looks adorable. It's fun how different your girls are!:)

Gwennaƫlle said...

This is just hilarious! This picture of Halley is just great. Make sure you put away all the pics of her at this time away and then when she grows up and meets a guy she is really in love with just have them out like all over the counter.
I know, I am so mean. One of my friends years ago told me I should NOT reproduce.

the mama hood said...

Your kids are so adorable! I love the new do's! I so need a nap too! My girls are the same girly and fun to see their different personalities! I am so loving the red hibiscus on your daughter!! so CUTE!!

Well, I am sorry I didn't have any cute stuff for the time it will be something for boys!! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend and come enter to win some more "Goods"!