Tuesday, September 8, 2009

just ho hum

Is it just me, or does this year seam darker than last year?
When I think back upon my blogging last year, I just seem to have happier memories than I do this year. I'm not sure why either.
Maybe it's because I'm working more hours this year, and I feel like I've got less time with my family. Making a bit more money is a good thing I suppose, but I'm definitely feeling the effects of less family time.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul?
Checking account=$$$$ (well, not really, but supposedly I'm making more money now)
Family account=?????
I'm really not liking these economics!


Jenn-Lee said...

It is a very tough choice to go to work, or up the hrs in work. I am sorry you are feeling this but I think it is good that you notice and ponder the effects it might be having on your family. I think more women should pay attention to their home family economics like you have in this post. I hope this fall looks brighter for you.

Merrianne said...

Mikki... you poor thing. If you feel like you need to be home more, then stay home more. As for the Money---Just do your best & THe Lord will take care of the rest. THat is what i have to believe in. I stay at home {making no money} and sometimes it is really really hard and it feels like we are hitting rock bottom... but things ALWAYS work out.
they will for you, too. You are awesome and Heavenly Father loves you and your sweet family.
You just do what you feel is best for your family and HE will take care of the rest ♥

gigi said...

Yeah, it does. I think we have to hang in there and remember who really is in charge of this country and He has His all knowing eye on everything and all of us. It's been a crazy year for everyone I think.

Cherie said...

Yes things have been darker I have thought weirder this year and I think alot of it is the feelings of change from a new President, a dismal economy and a housing market, people out of work, etc...there is a definate downer happening in the country.
You are lucky to have a job but I understand that the balance with family can sometimes be so difficult!
Hope you have a GREAT day!
Cherie :D

Lene said...

I think more and more people are feeling the effects of the economy and it is bringing everyone down. I know there are more mothers in our ward working outside of the home than ever. It's tough. I have a hard enough time staying on top of things and I don't have a job. I really don't know how you do it. You just have to do what is best for your family

Kristina P. said...

I don't have any words of wisdom, but I am thinking of you!

tammy said...

I know it's tough. Everyone's situation is different and times are hard, and we all have to do what we need to. I've always prayed to know what's best for our family, and then hoped I've made the right decisions.

Lady Baillio said...

Everything breathes. Everything moves back and forth again. Waves hit the shores and then leave again. Hair is hardly there when we're born, then grows and then in old age it goes away again. Even moods and years and situations have high and low points. I hope this helps a bit.

Rod & LaDawn Judd said...

I hope the next few months prove to be more enjoyable and happy for you. I've had a few of those scary/not so happy moments myself, but all in all & despite the horrible economy, it's been a pretty decent year for our little family. Sending you lots of happy thoughts and smiles to finish out the year with ;o)

Kuntry Momma said...

mikki... how are you doing today?

♥ Merrianne