Friday, September 11, 2009

ya' know?

I think things are getting pretty ridiculous when kids can't even play tag on the playground.

I was waiting with the kids on the playground before school this morning, and the cute little kindergartners were running around ON THE GRASS (not even on the hard top, which I can somewhat understand there being a no running rule on the hard playground part). They were chasing each other around the grass, playing tag, when one of the teachers comes over and tells them to stop playing tag and keep their hands to themselves. COME ON PEOPLE!!! They're kindergartners. Where is the harm here?
Exactly what are we teaching our children?


gigi said...

I'm telling ya, that is the craziest thing I've ever heard of!!!!!!

the boyd family said...

matthew said something crazy was going on this morning, i never got the full story. i'm still in shock that they can't wear open toe or open back shoes after kindergarten (?). i think that's nearly all we have!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the teach forgot to take her(?) meds this morning. I know some pretty good therapists around here.

tammy said...

Same thing here. Luvpilot makes fun of this rule all the time. Blame the people that sue over every little thing that makes it necessary for us to be protected from ourselves.

Cherie said...

I know it is ridiculous. They cannot touch each other...period. Hello it's tag!
On our playground they took the swings away because some kid fell off and cracked his head. Seriously in all the years they have had those swings like 2 kids have gotten hurt. It happens people . Its life.
Eventually we are going to have so many rules in the schools that kids are only going to be able to say a certain amount of words per day, walk a certain amount of steps per day, and not be able to look at anyone!
CAn you tell this is a hot issue with me? ha ha

Anonymous said...

that is LAME! i can't believe a teacher would not let them PLAY TAG!!!!!!

ok.. what are kindergarteners supposed to do???? oh wait... i KNOW-- they need to bust out thier Cel Phones and start sending each other TEXT MESSAGES :)