Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 22

I am SO grateful for this stuffed nose
 of mine that I've had now for about a month.

enough said?

and yeah, they're 3--not potty trained yet.
Jason is halfway there.
Justin is not even interested.


Kristina P. said...

That is a bummer. I do not envy you!

Jenny said...

I am grateful that I am done with the potty training days. Although my Bubee is a bed wetter!

Khourt said...

I can deal with diapers all day as long as they arent running with poop :) Then I can deal with them and breathe just enough to sustain me.. Id be greatful for a stuffy nose during those times too! In all seriousness, hope it clears up for you soon!

tammy said...

It will come. I'm a firm believer that you can't push them, they have to want to.