Monday, November 29, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 29

I can't believe it's almost December.
If I say that enough, do you think I'll start to believe it?

Ok, really quick. It's late and I'm exhausted. You'd think I'd learn to post during the morning when I'm home instead of waiting til I get home from work at almost midnight.

I'm grateful for sensory memories? Is that the right expression?

I was at work tonight, and some guy pulled out the Purell, to disinfect his hands with.

Ah, the scent of Purel Antibacterial handwash.
I was transported back twelve years to when Ashley was a newborn. I will always associate that smell with Ashley as an infant (we kept it on hand so people wouldn't spread their germs on our new little bundle o' joy.
When I smelled it this evening, I got all choked up.
I'm so happy that there are things like that in this world. Those scents that you associate with some special time in your life. When you smell them, you're taken back. I love it.


Connie said...

It's always amazing to me how a scent can transport us back in to time and can be overwhelmingly emotional!

Kristina P. said...

Tomorrow is December! How did this happen?!?

tammy said...

That's sweet that you got all choked up. I can no longer wear/smell pear lotion thanks to wearing it while I was pregnant and having morning sickness. It was one of my favorites until then. Even 14 years later.

Lisa Loo said...

A woman in the elevator the other day was wearing perfume that took me all the way back to high school. And then I was like, "Wha? Did you like stock up on 20+ years worth of that stuff??!!"

I love sensory memories--they always come as such a surprise....