Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 days of Thanksgiving Day 3

Just a few pics from our trip to the park yesterday. OK, more than just a few. I haven't done much journalling lately, so I figure I better get busy. I've got some birthdays and Halloween to catch up on still, so be prepared!

Here are some of those ducks I mentioned. Of course, I forgot to take something to feed them. Sorry duckies!!

Peeking over his shoulder at the duckies. I'm not sure if he thought they were going to sneak up on him or what.

The coolest swing I've ever seen! (he's not sleeping, really.)

Wait a minute Ashley,  OK--SMILE!!!

aw, sweet--pushing his big sissy...

I thought this tree looked cool.

yep, the perfect spot for a pose.
Silly Jason!!

A little close-up of the geese and ducks...
Hmmm, whose toes are those? No wait, everyone had shoes on, whose fingers are those? Don't they look like toes? Wierd.

Walking around the pond. Ok they call it a lake, but I differ in my opinion.

I saw this random ribbon in a tree. I really liked it!

I think every tree in the park had one of these little dedicatory plates in front of them. All dedicated to loved one's who had passed away. Very sweet.

My little pinecone gatherer. Remember this cute little face. It has to do with my THANKFULness for today.

There are lots of fun little exercise contraptions all along the walking/jogging path. So the girls had to give them all a try.

Of course Jason found the dirt. He is forevvvvver finding some way to make a mess!

More fun on the exercise equipment.....

One of my favorite shots.

I really like this one too, even though it doesn't include any of my kids.

Well, aside from it being a photo of my favorite twelve year old in the world, I really like the airplane flying by in the background. This park is  a great spot to get some close ups of the landing and departing planes.

And now, what has the picture of that little munchkin got to do with my reason for being grateful today?


He has been such a pill lately. The three's are SOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSO much worse than the terrible two's. Everytime I take him somewhere he makes a huge, horrible scene when it's time to go.
Walmart, the park, Church.
And then he continue's to carry on in the car ALL.THE.WAY.HOME.
And then he continue's to carry on for another twenty minutes after we get home.
(He has SUCH a temper, I don't have a clue who he could possibly get that from)
It doesn't help when everyone tells me how good he is when I'M NOT AROUND.

I am SO grateful for our Father's wisdom in making 'em cute.
If they weren't, I'd prob'ly be in jail right now!


Jenny said...

I understand those tantrums! It makes it hard to go any where when you know what is going to happen. These times will become a faded memory that will give you the compassion to help other sisters get through. I agree Thank Heavens they are so darn cute. I still wonder how I made it through with my youngest and his tantrums.

*MARY* said...

He throws tantrums when it's time to leave church? My kids can't wait to get out of there.

That park looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! i love the random ribbon in the tree!!! haha!!

Kristina P. said...

Looks like a fun day. Even though ducks sort of scare me.

Connie said...

Nice pictures of your outing! The ducks look a little hungry, though!
I have always thought the threes are worse than the twos! Good luck!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Hilarious! That's also why we have that quiet time when they sleep like little angels-- it re-fuels our love supply ;-)

Cherie said...

You are so funny - your last comment cracks me up!
You are still having some beautiful weather...Nice! The kids look like they are having a great time.

Terresa said...

Love the ducks & tree. Were you guys @ Sunset Park? Since you're on my side of town now, we should meet up sometime! Lmk!! ;)