Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Days of Thanksgiving Day 28

I am grateful for RETAIL THERAPY.
 I love it!
Did you get up early on Friday morning to go shopping?
I didn't. I went shopping, but I didn't get up early for it. I'm not THAT crazy.
I got a few of the things I was looking for.

Every time we go shopping, I usually find something I love to take a picture of.

This is at Target. I love the vintage toy line they have. Do you remember this little classic? I do. Don't remember if it was mine or a cousin's, but I want one.

 My boys love Iron Man. Every time we go through the toy aisle, they have to don the masks. (shhhh they're each getting one for Christmas!)

 At the grocery store the other day, I had to take a picture of the bins of nuts. It reminds me of my dad. We always had these on hand during the holidays when I was growing up.

Oh my gosh! Smurf toys! Can you believe it? I suppose they'll be re-doing the cartoon series soon. There's supposed to be a movie coming out.

OK, so I've been trying to locate a new Christmas tree for our apartment. We got rid of our ginormous pre-lit tree when we moved. It was just way too big for the apartment.
We saw one at Walmart that we loved. It was a six foot, with little pine cones on it and it was just lovely and really looked nicer than the artificial trees of years past. It was $128, but I was hoping it would go on sale. Sadly it didn't. So I was just going to buy it anyway. It was out of stock. I went to another Wally World, and they didn't even carry it.
So, my sweet husband decided to see if he could locate it for me. No such luck.
On a whim, he decided to stop at Target to see what they had.
He found a 7 1/2 foot pre-lit slim Virginia pine. It's gorgeous. Normally retails for $150, but it was on sale for $100!
It's even got the little pine cones too.
I am thrilled.

So today, after church we put it up and decorated it.
I think it's beautiful.


Garden of Egan said...

I think that your tress is lovely!
Cute record player. I remember those.

Kristina P. said...

Your tree looks great. I had a friend give me her old one, years ago, and it's perfect for our place.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

tammy said...

I love the slim tree! Great choice.

Target has vintage toys?? I had no idea. Is it bad if I buy some just for myself?

I didn't go out Friday, but I did shop on-line.