Monday, March 16, 2009

The luck of the Irish

So do you feel lucky?? Do ya'?

I just want to thank everyone who took a lot of time to enter my giveaway. I SO enjoyed reading all your comments and random facts about yourselves. It was so much fun!!!

Thought I'd highlight a few of my faves......

April said: "My HUGEST blog pet peeve? Auto starting music!!!! ( are a culprit, but I still love you.)Second blog pet peeve... WORD VERIFICATION!!!! (Again, you are a culprit - but so is 90% of the blogging world.) It's blog isn't important enough for people to spam me - and even if it was - I'd be honored that they thought they could reach tons of readers by comment spamming me. lol"---Ok April, I'm gonna' do this for you--I'm going to turn off my word verification. The auto start music though--I think I'm keeping it. Sorry. Tell you what, if everyone that it bugs will comment and let me know it bugs them, I'll consider turning off the auto start feature on my player. I just love my tunes, and I think everyone should hear some of this awesome music, (that's not really naracissitic is it?) and I'm afraid if I don't have it auto start--you won't listen to it.

Shauna said: "Yahoo! Another fact about me...I l♥ve shoes :)"-----hmmm, maybe I should have paid attention when you had your giveaway, with one of the questions was about how many pairs of shoes you owned. My guess of 9 was utterly ridiculous!!

Sher said: "Oh! Random thing about me (besides loving chocolate): I have a third nipple."---Ok, I just don't know what to say to that! Actually, my brother had a third nipple too.

Missy said: "When people talked about taking castor oil to induce labor, I thought they were talking about the motor oil. I didn't get it right until I almost tried it to induce Cole!"----Holy Cow!!! I'm glad you got it, before!!!!!

Motherboard said: "Random fact? I saw aliens once. Really I did."---That's a story I would love to hear!

the Foulgers said: "Here is my random fact. My husband and I met at Victoria's Secret-long story!:)"---I'd like to hear that story too!!

funky bag freak said: " I have an outrageous story, but it's not G rated and it involved a headstone. TMI?" -----hmmmm, gotta' admit, I'm a little curious.

funky bag freak also said: "I cross my eyes when people annoy me. It catches them off gaurd and they usually stop. HAHA I crack myself up!"--This cracked me up too. I can just imagine doing this to someone.

JennLee said: "I used to play tea party with my little sister when we were little girls(probably like 6&7). We would take bread and smush it into little balls and lick them to get sticky then re cover them with more bread and feed it to my older siblings. gross right? They still don't know. heheheshhhh. don't tell." HaHa!!!! Sounds like something we used to do as kids too. My poor little sister had to drink so many strange concoctions that we would put together, I'm surprised she still talks to me.

Gigi said: "I make the best carrot cake, ever!"--girl, I know you're going to send me some, right? Right?

I'mbeingheldhostage said: "Fact: I like Steve. I never like Joe. (blues clues)"--me too!!! I totally miss Steve, Joe IS kinda' cute, but I really liked Steve's personality. Ok, what do you think of the Teletubbies? I really liked Po, and the cute little sunshine baby at the beginning. SEriously guys, my brain has gone to mush.

the meyer fam said: "Random Fact: I am very anal about how the dishwasher is loaded. If someone else loads it I HAVE to fix it before I can start it."---Heather, I am the. same. way. It's crazy!

MotherGoose said: "one of my most favorite things to do is watch those TV exercise shows, like TV fit, or denise austin. I will sit and watch show after show, while sitting on the couch eating something decadent or dh can not understand why I can just watch people work out, but not participate with??? I dont know either"---You know what? I will do the exact same thing. WE had a free preview of some fitness channel last week, and I would just sit there watching them work out, I thought about getting up and trying it once or twice, but nah', didn't do it. MG, we have a few more things in common I noticed. SOme of those TMI things you mentioned.... ;oP

Dallin &Amp: Ashley said: " WARNING: If you get queasy from talking about gross injuries, don't read this.) When I was in 10th grade, I had fake nails from attending a Prom. One day, I was walking toward a drinking fountain that had a step in front of it (which I didn't notice) and I tripped, but caught myself with my hands. The thumbnail on my right hand must have taken the brunt of the fall because the fake nail and the real nail completely tore off. I know, disgusting. And it hurt like crazy."------Oh my gosh!!! I think that's reason enough for me to not get fake nails. I'll stick with pedicures.

Merrianne said: "I am entering again:you know what?remember a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago when you first commented on spencer's blog? well, i went to your blog because i thought "WHO IS THIS PRETTY GIRL LOOKING AT MY HUSBAND'S BLOG???" so, i clicked over to your blog to see WHO YOU WERE!!!!!!!!Then i saw pictures of you & your hubby & your kids... and how happy you all look and i thought to myself... hey this girl looks like someone I would LOVE to get to know!!!!and We have Been Friends EVER SINCE!! ♥-----Merrrianne, this comment made my day when I read it. The fact that you thought I was some pretty girl!?!?!?!?! Wow, coming from gorgeous you, that's like a mega compliment. Thanks. (I may or may not have given you an extra five entries for that sweet compliment!)

Ok, so on to the real reason you're all reading my post today. Did you just skim down to this part? THere's a little question up in there for you guys to answer in your comments today, did you catch it? (didn't know there'd be a quiz did ya'?)

Ok, enough blabber already, I put all the names into a basket, oh and seriously guys, the next time I have 300+ entries on a giveaway, just remind me to do the random generator thingy. So, I put all the names in a basket, and drew out three.

The winner of the first place prize is:

Tyler Kamry Jaxxen Maddex & Nixxen

(this girl was crazy busy last night, I think she submitted like 30 or so entries)

Congratulations Kamry!!!!!!

Our runners up are:

Funky Bag Freak

(she was responsible for some truly hilarious comments. Tanks for making me laugh! I know I'll be visiting your blog often.)



(Jeri is awesome!!! She's living in England while her husband is serving in the military. He's currently on deployment in Iraq. Guys, she is one of the best blog writers ever. You really should pop over and say Hi!)

So, congrats to my winners. I wish I could afford to make you all winners. This was great fun.

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

OH. duh! EMail me your info so I can get this stuff out to ya'!!


Shimmy Mom said...

Congrats to the winners!

Shauna said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Congrats to the winners :) ♥ Hugs!

gigi said...

Awe.. Congratulations ladies and have a Happy St. Paddy's day!
Thank, Mikki for a way fun giveaway!

Kristina P. said...

Congrats to the winners!

And honestly, I'm not a fan of the autostart playlists. I generally have my sound down anyway, but sometimes, I'll be listening to my own music, and then I have to search for the pause button.

Laura said...

I guess I'm not feeling lucky today, but congrats to the three that were lucky! And thanks for your great giveaway, Mikki!

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

YAY Im so glad! LOL. I guess having insomnia really pays off right?? haha! Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

I love your play list. Let it play, play, play,because it makes my day.

There were some great random facts. Here is one.....I got on a few times just to read them for my self.

As for Teletubbies: I think I like the baby as the sunshine the best. Well, I love the machine thier custard comes from. That is pretty cool. American girl could not get enough of this show when she was little. If it was on more than once a day, you better believe we were watching it. She stopped watching when she discovered Martha Stwert!!LOL

Congratulations winners!
Have a great day.

tammy said...

Yay for Kamry! She is my real life friend's daughter. How funny to find her name on here. I didn't even know she was reading your blog.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Ok-- gosh, where do I start and still sound coherent?! THANK YOU!! You rock for even having such a fun giveaway-- and speaking of Rock-- don't you DARE turn your music off. The word veri, yes!! thank you, but the music... I have never understood how people get so worked up about this, you just turn it down if you don't want to listen (you'll notice I caved too and I am frustrated with myself for doing so),
your choices to highlight were awesome! I'd really like to hear those stories too. Congrats to the winners, and yeah me, I love mail!! You know, the flattery would have been enough :-)
Thank you.

funky bag freak said...


Congrats to everyone. It was great fun.

Thanks Mikki

Oh, it's your music tootz, my answer to everything (fling a booger on them) I love it...maybe not Donny Osmond, but I love everything else. LOL

Anonymous said...


Mother Goose said...

Dangit!! but you know what! It was so much fun Mikki! I loved just giving you random tidbits about me. I may just have to steal this idear from ya and I can't wait to find out neat things about my readers. Who have been dropping like dead flies lately, but I'll catch them back again when I become a fly fisherman!