Monday, March 23, 2009

Track Break--Day 1

(Terriyaki meatballs and rice)

So, when I was little and we had something I didn't like for dinner; what I would do was to take a bite of the yucky substance, then take a big ol' gulp of water to wash it down with. No chewing involved. My other trick was to take a mouthful, then excuse myself to use the facilities, where I would spit the offending matter out into the toilet.

My boys have come up with several other interesting, or should I say creative ways to rid themselves of the dreaded items.

Justin seemed to think the bowl made a fantastic little hat.

...and the food inside?? Well, it seems to blend in fairly well with his locks, no?

I must say, I think Jason's idea was a bit more creative....

Try to hide the food in your ears.

'gotta say I never thought of that one before.
(and yeah, it was definitely bathtime after dinner tonight)

In other news. Today was the first day of track break for my girls. We went to the library and checked out some books. Ran by WallyWorld for a few things. Haley's feeling a bit under the weather. Sore throat, low grade fever and sniffles. Not a great way to start off a vacation from school. Ashley and I worked in their bedroom a bit. Made a pretty good dent in the mess. There's still plenty to do in there though.

Jon brought Twilight home tonight, so we all watched it together. Well, Jon fell asleep on the couch halfway through. Ashley really liked it. She wants to read the book now. She's ten. What do you think? I know there's a bit of controversy over these books being read by teenaged girls. Let me tell you what I really like about the book though. (I've only read the first one so far, by the way). But, what I do like is the underlying theme dealing with agency. Edward could so easily give in to his dark side and choose to be your typical bad guy vampire. Instead he chooses the harder way. The road less travelled if you will. There's a lesson there. I don't want to get up on a soap box here or anything. But, we all have our agency. Sure, we're given trials and temptations and urges that we say are natural to us, so why fight them? If it's a natural instinct, it must be ok, right?


Not necessarily.

Let me tell ya', some days, my natural instinct, urge, tendency, whatever ya' wanna call it, is to throttle (to put it as nicely as I can) some of the people in my life (not naming any names either).

But, I choose not to.


Last Sunday. Pretty cute I think. Of course I'm a wee bit partial.

But still.


Laura said...

More than pretty cute - looks like a great picture for a card of some kind! And meatballs in the ears - way too funny, and I'm sure that was a challenge to get clean!

Anonymous said...

Love the food in the ear trick!

As for Twilight, I decided to let my American girl, who is 10 read the first book. When she finished it in a week I had to do really ponder on letting her read the next one. I decided to let her read New Moon. She will not be allowed to read the next 2 until I read them. Even then she most likely won't be allowed to read them since my 15 year old say's I should not let her. Roo (15 yearold) has read all of them.

Hope that helps a little.

Tammy said...

Meatballs in the ears?!?! CLASSIC!!!

A for the contriversy in reading Twilight for younger happens. My oldest has read it a bazillion times and loves it. She has read all four books and even though int he last book it talks about the honeymoon...well, it is a good lesson on waiting until you are married for my girls.

I loved the book sooooo much more, but I also enjoyed the film on a completely different level. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it!!!

Annette Lyon said...

Then there's the one my babies did where you'd get them all cleaned up from the meal mess and three hours later something orange is coming out of an ear or nose. Tricky. :)

Jan the crazy lady said...

If you didn't know what that rice was, I would have thought those were some big lice bugs. :)

Those are the messy times of life. We had a dog and she made it so much easier. Cleaned the floor with her tongue.

The picture of the kids are so cute. It is showing there is hope.

No Twilight here. My 10 year old isn't going to read it, so therefore I am not. No help I know.

The Foulgers said...

Don't you love the "little" messes that little boys make?
I love your Sunday picture the kids look adorable.
If I was a mom to a pre-teen daughter, I would let her read only the first two books in the Twilight series. The last two books get a little hot and heavy if you know what I mean. Hope this helps.

Lene said...

I can't believe he put food in his ear!?! I bet that was a fun bath.

My daughter is only 6 so the Twilight debate isn't one we have had to worry about...yet.

The Shabby Princess said...

Aw, that's a cute picture of your kids!!!

I haven't even read Twilight myself, so, I'm not much help...

Kristina P. said...

Mikki, we actually fly into Vegas on Friday morning. My husband really wanted to go to Body Worlds, but we never made it, so I will definitely look into going while we are there!

gigi said...

Oh waht a cute picture of the kiddos! I also think that it would make a cute Easter card :)

Children feeding themselves is the worst! I HATE it! But I know they have to learn, I just wish they could skip that stage.

As for Twilight series, I'm in the dark!!! No desire.

Nicole said...

That is such a cute picture of the kids. The pictures of the boys with food all over is great. That's what Bailey looks like after she eats some nights lol.

the boyd family said...

hehe, that meal sounds delightful to me! the boys are funny, love the pics. for the record, i love twilight. i see many underlying church themes in the book, especially agency in twilight.... mastering the man. love it! glad you got the movie, we've watched it a couple times. :)

Amy J. said...

Oh my goodness! I love the rice ears! That is one creative boy. Let's just hope it isn't the nose next!

The Twilight books are very "moving". The stir feelings of desire in most of the women I talk to. The first two books are fine, but in the third book Belle is practically begging Edward to "be with her" if you know what I mean. My LDS friends are split about 50/50 when it comes to letting their girls read the books. Many have let them only read the first two.

Shimmy Mom said...

Very cute. The boys are getting so big.
I hope that the food came out of the ears without too much trouble. Oh what they come up with. I was never that... smart?.

Hope your sweetie feels better soon.

Shauna said...

I l♥ve the pictures! Hope he gets feeling better soon! ♥ Hugs :)

Richelle said...

What a cute little family picture!

Blog Buddy said...

Mikki-I've missed reading your post! Thanks for the cool family pictures-with rice in the ears:)

funky bag freak said...

I don't know about Twilight, but those angels are adorable.

Anonymous said...

MIKKI! i always love your posts!!!!!!!!!!

and thank goodness you have decided not to THROTTLE your children... or those who are nameless..... very often :) hahaaa!!!

oh my gosh... that Rice in the Ears is A ONE IN A MILLION picture!!! you better keep that sucker put up somewhere to show him later in life!!!! :)

funky bag freak said...


My only question is how do you know that 80's song? You're not old enough to be from that era.

Lisa Loo said...

Oh my goodness--that Sunday picture is so yummy--have to keep those pictures around for the bad days for sure.

The whole Twilight thing has become a huge thing!! Its amazing!

I feel very strongly that each Mom is given a special set of "skills" to help raise their kiddos and so have that "power" to know what is best for them. I have not read the books nor have any of my girls ages 21 down to 16. But that is just us---case in point--you got something completely different out of the book than what I have heard from other people--sorry--probably not much help

Mother Goose said...

oh my goodness, the rice everywhere but in the EAR!!! LOL

I read all the books because my teens both wanted to read it. I thought it was fine for them but then they are 14 and 17. It might be too much for your 10 year old. But, as you read, you can decide what your child is mature enough for. My 10 year old likes the movie but I don't think she would like the books. However, she likes to read Harry Potter.

I like your comparison with agency and Edward. I agree! Great insight.