Friday, March 13, 2009

Random 10 Friday

It's almost too late to post, hopefully I got this in just under the gun.
I wanted to join Motherboards Random ten Friday link-up, but I was SO busy today, I haven't had a chance til just now. Click on that link there, if you'd like to join her link-up.

"Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy."
--Janet Long
(I really like how Motherboard begins her random ten Friday's with a great quote.

I think I need an intervention. Seriously. I bought another 2.5 pound bag of peppermints today.
My excuse is that they help me stay awake on my drive to work. Something about 3:00 traffic on the 15 makes my eyes want to shut, but peppermints really do help them stay open. Really. they do.


We got our tax return today--yippeee!!!!! I see a shopping spree in my future.


I've been having so much fun putting together stuff for my giveaway. I actually bought a few more items today to add to the boxes. I think I might need help.

--------- Have a great weekend!!!
  1. "In My Arms" --Plumb
  2. "Lifesong"--Casting Crowns
  3. "I Believe in Love"--Barlow girl
  4. "Book of Mormon Stories"--Childrens Songbook
  5. "Voice of Truth"--Casting Crowns
  6. "Never Alone"--Barlow Girl
  7. "My Savior My God"--Aaron Shust
  8. "Whenever Your in Trouble"--Donny Osmond
  9. "Surrender"--Barlow Girl
  10. "Come to Jesus"--Kenneth Cope


The Foulgers said...

Getting tax returns is the best. I hope you can get something fun with the money. I'm going to have to try your new staying awake trick!:)

gigi said...

Great 10 list!

I keep thinking of odds and ends that I could add to your random facts list giveaway. Some I really don't think you want to hear :)

Kristina P. said...

Oh, man! This reminded me that I still need to file out taxes. I've been putting it off because it looks like we're going to owe. :(

Ashley said...

Tax returns are so fun to spend! We already have big plans for ours. . . a double stroller and a dresser for the new baby. Have fun spending yours!

The Shabby Princess said...

Yay for your tax return!! We are procrastinators and haven't finished ours yet... That, and our accountant of the last like 20 years recently went through a mid life breakdown and became a drunk... so, we had to find a new numbers guy. lovely!

Anonymous said...

oooh yeah! i love your song list!!!!!!!!!!!!!