Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Randomness

I hate having pms. Usually the week before my monthly, I get so crabby. No, I don't usually deal with all the crampy crap, but I become the nastiest mother on the planet. My poor kids. Pray for them please.
I love Max Lucado!! I've been reading "Facing your Giants", just finished it yesterday. What a great read. He's a very good writer, and I just loved everything about this book. Beware, I might be sharing some of my favorite parts over the next few weeks.
My house is just so disgusting. I just can't get motivated to get it really good and clean. I need one of those big trash container things, and a uhaul trailer that I can load with trash and junk, and just have everything hauled away.
For some reason, I always thought Max Lucado was an artist, I didn't realize he was a minister and a writer.
Jon is homesick for Salt Lake. LOL. I think it has a lot to do with the weather. He's dying at work right now, and dreaming of those 60 degree temps.
Jon's been sick again this week with the same crap he had last week. My mom also got it. Ay Yi Yi! I hope this junk clears up soon.
My boys love yogurt. They're working on their second container full right now. mmmmm, orange creme! (I like the vanilla)
Well, so far my little healthier eating and exercise plan hasn't gone very well. Jon stayed home two and a half days this week, and I just can't bring myself to exercise in front of him. Hopefully I'll do better next week.
Hope you have a great weekend!


Annette Lyon said...

Having them stay home can really throw a wrench into your day, can't it? :) Hope all's better soon.

Jan the crazy lady said...

I am laughing at the yogurt. That was so random. Love it.

I wish I could come and help you today with your house. I am in the mood to clean. Someone else's that is. I love Max too, but hate pms.

Verification word was -


Does that mean you need some reeses pieces. Or do you need a recess.

Mikki said...

Oooooh both Jan!!!

Christa said...

I have an IUD, so I don't have an actual period or cramps very often
anymore. However, I do get moody and mean like nobody's business. I really feel for my family.

I know what you mean about not wanting to exercise in front of you husband. I also don't like to weigh myself in front of him either, but I had to the other day because I'm starting a new exercise program. I couldn't figure out how to use our scale that measures weight and body fat percentages. He had to stand by me to help me. Yes, I am a little dumb. Embarassing.

gigi said...

Well I just love random posts! Get it all off your chest!
Okay, so when you get thru with the u-haul and trash dumpster could you pay to have it sent to my house. I've never moved in 30 years and I could fill up 5 of those things. It's really getting to me and I'm just about ready to start the throwing away. Just need some energy to do it. Hope your family gets to feeling better soon. Nothing worse than being sick or taking care of sick people!
Smiles for a happy weekend.

Cherie said...

If it makes you feel any better I am your soul sister today.
I have just finished my PMS and a nasty day with a headache. I was crabby and today I have to deal with my messy house.

Ahhhh the joys of being a woman sometimes!! Hee hee

Hope you have a better weekend!!

YOGURT!!!! Go Yogurt!!!

Laura said...

Oh my cats, someone likes to clean? No wonder Jan calls herself a crazy lady! Get that girl some help - LOL!

The Foulgers said...

Tell Jon that he may be homesick right now for SLC, but come November thru March he'd be crying to move back to LV. At least that's what I did!:) Actually I'm freezing all the time, ever since we moved to Utah I can't seem to ever get warm. I truely miss the 100 degree weather.
Good luck with you new work-out program this week.

tammy said...

My routine gets thrown off when Luvpilot stays home too.

I miss UT in the summer when it's all nice and green and the flowers are in full bloom, but that's about it. I'm an AZ girl at heart.

imbeingheldhostage said...

you said "crap" on your blog. I say "crap" on my blog. You want me to pray for your children, I need you to pray for mine. You love max, I love max. Won't even go there (the state my house is in). Shall we just skip this "life" stuff and go on a holiday together?

what kid of word verification is "phoutaph"?

The Foulgers said...

I wish I knew what was going on with my house! It is complete and ready to move into. The problem is our loan. We are totally qualified to buy the house, but the bank is saying the house may not appraise for the agreed purchase price. So we are seeing if the builder will take a hit on the price. We will hopefully be moving in within the next week or so. Who knows though, we were actully supposed to move in 2 weeks ago. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

♥Trina♥ said...

Thanks for stopping by my place. Good luck!

I was the WORLD'S WORST with PMS moods. I had an endometrial ablation about 2-1/2 years thing. ever!

I haven't read a Max Lucado book in a LONG time! I read SO many, one right after the other, that I kind of burned out on him. (That's sad to say because he has such great messages!)

Disgusting house...mine, too! It will have to wait until next week, though. Then there will be no reason for it to be disgusting again until school starts back in the fall. LOL

Maybe your hubby will be better soon. I end up putting things off when mine is home, too.

Have a GREAT day!

Merrianne said...

i just KNEW you were having PMS... cuz i was, too!! we always have it at the same time!!!!! lol

i hope you are feeling better today. i am {thank goodness!}