Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Utah trip

So, we're back from our long weekend in Utah. We had a really lovely visit. Jon wishes we were still there, in those wonderul cooler temps. So do I. We grabbed a newspaper on our way home, to check out housing prices and job opportunities. Maybe some day we'll move there.

We just kind of crashed all day Friday after arriving there. We were pretty wiped out. I attempted to catnap and watch my rugrats at the same time throughout the day, but wasn't very successful at that. I subsequently showed up to my bloggy buddy dinner looking like something the cat had dragged in. Let me just say, that I think Kristina P., Sherrie and Angi are three awesome chicks!! I really enjoyed meeting you guys (even though I was frumpy and totally inept in the conversation department), thanks for coming to eat with such a goofball.
I totally left my camera in my purse the entire time and didn't take any pictures. But just so ya'all know, Sher is totally gorgeous, even more so in person than I'd expected her to be, really girl, your pictures don't do you justice. Kristina, also a very lovely person, and super intelligent. No kidding right? You could tell that just from reading through one of her posts. Angi too, is absolutely adorable. I love your curly hair. And thanks so much for the cute little bag. I love it. I've already been using it.

Saturday, we drove up to the temple. I wanted to get some pictures and go through the visitor center. These are about all of the pictures we took on our trip. A few of the temple. I'm glad my mom was up there, with her camera, so I can get some pictures of my family.
(the flowers on Temple Square are so pretty!)
Let me just say, after both trying to find parking at the temple, AND for the dinner on Friday night, parking in SLC really sucks!!!!! No offense. I love SLC, but not the parking facilities. We parked at the top of State Street, across from the capital building, and walked downhill to the temple. Ashley managed to scrape her knees pretty good on the way down, and of course we forgot the stroller for the boys, so we had to carry them down, and BACK UP (which sucked, by the way). Next time, we'll definitely take that railway system. That seems pretty promising.

After that, we went to my Grandma's party. The reason for our trip. It was good to see members of my family I haven't really seen for quite some time, and always good to see my Grandma.

So, we wanted to take my mom to see Star Trek Saturday night, it was going to be our Mother's Day gift to her. We got to the theater, and there was no decent seating left. I don't get the assigned seating system they had at that theater. It was really lame in my opinion. So, we ended up seeing Xmen Origins Wolverine (again). It was good again.

We were going to leave for home Sunday morning, but Miss Ashley, who has already had her bout with this crap going around, got nailed with it again. So, we decided to stay an extra day.
Since we were staying longer than expected, and it was Mother's Day after all, we figured we'd make the most of it, and go out to dinner with all the moms in the house. We'd pretty much already broken the Sabbath already anyway, so what the hey?
Ashley was feeling mostly better by then, so we decided to head for home Sunday evening. So, after another all nighter of driving, we made it home this morning, with ample time to get the girls a few more hourse sleep and up and off to school. Yay!!

So, what to do for Jon and myself today????? Hmmm, we still haven't seen Star Trek. Kind of late notice to find a babysitter though. What the heck, let's just take 'em with us.

Let me just say, SERIOUSLY AWESOME MOVIE!!!!

Yeah, I think it was even better than Wolverine.
Already called my mom and told her she has a date with Jon to go see it next week when they pop through town again.

Now, I'm going to go pick my kids up from school and it's CiCi's Pizza for dinner.

PS I almost forgot to mention that the boys did awesome at their first movie experience. They slept through half of it, and Jason barfed (popcorn kernal), but other than that, it went pretty well.


Kristina P. said...

It was so great to meet you for dinner and actually be able to talk to you! You are so sweet.

And there is a ton of parking under the Conference center, but you would never know!

And the assigned seating can be a blessing or a curse. It's great because you can get there only 5 minutes before, but you all have to buy your tickets together as a group.

Cherie said...

How fun that you could meet the bloggy friends! So jealous!!

I love your play by play of the trip - Mostly fun with a few bumps - hee hee! I cracked up at "we already broke the sabbath so what the hey!" Ha ha funny

Also, I am so surprised Star Trek is so good. It is great to see a review on it and such a positive one!! thanks :D

gigi said...

Yea! So glad yall are safely back home and had a good trip. Would have loved meeting some of these happy bloggers.

tammy said...

Glad you had a good time and got to meet some bloggy friends.

The Foulgers said...

I'm so happy that you had a great time on your trip. I'm just super bummed that I wasn't able to see you!
I would love it if you moved up this way someday. We love it here, I'm sure you would too!

Sher said...

It was so great to finally get to meet you! I wish we'd been able to chat for longer.
And now, i wish I'd seen the Star trek movie after our dinner that night. It was the only thing playing within the hour, and I decided to shop instead.
the movie would've been cheaper.

Anonymous said...

"So, we ended up seeing Xmen Origins Wolverine (again). It was good again."
You are cute. Was "Huge" Jackman still the best (no I did not make a spelling mistake, I am just trying to be funny)?