Thursday, May 7, 2009

Randomly yours,

Sigh. So Haley bit the dust today. Well, actually last night at about 11:30, the fun began.
Why can't just one person get sick in the house and that be it???? So, Ashley had it Monday, Jon got it Tuesday. Yesterday was bliss. No sickies in the house, I was so hopeful that we'd made it through with minimal damage. Now Haley's sick. UGH!!! Thank goodness it appears to be one of those 24 hour things, but still. I'm not looking forward to sick babies. Please, Please Father in Heaven, spare the babies!
We leave tonight when I get off work for Salt Lake, well Sandy really. Hopefully I can stay awake for the drive. I think I'll be excited enough to remain awake. Hope all the kiddies can sleep for the drive. Hope Haley is better by then, and I REALLY hope my boys don't get this bug. Vomit aroma in the car, for eight hours? NO THANK YOU!
I have SO much to do today. Laundry, Pack, laundry, sew a few things, laundry, tend to my sick daughter, laundry, tidy up the house--because I don't want to come back to a messy house, laundry. Ugh!!!!
Today is spring picture day. And Haley won't be in school. And we didn't get the fall pictures, because I wanted to get the spring pictures this year, because the backgrounds are SO much cuter. (run on sentence much?) Yeah, I think they don't do retakes of spring pictures either. So bummed about this. That means no school pictures of Haley this yer. Nice.
I think I may have to buy a big ol' bag of peppermints for the drive tonight, because they help me stay awake when I'm driving. So, If I look fat to you tomorrow night at Applebee's (those of you coming), it's because of the peppermints. Yeah, that's it. The peppermints.
So I just did a spell check, and it didn't catch that year isn't actually spelled yer. It didn't even highlight the word yer. Is there such a word? Annette, are you reading? Is yer a word?
(Is that yer dog over there??-maybe it's the redneck version of your?)
does it seem like I'm grumbling a lot here?
It's shaping up to be a fantastic day!!!


Christa said...

I'm sorry about all the sickies. My oldest had a nasty headache last night and then woke up with it and a fever to boot this morning. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

oh no! i hope she gets better soon and that you and yer babies dont get it!!

Lisa Loo said...

Having done a few--sick babies on an 8 hour drive--I am praying mightly for your deliverance!!!

And I HATE getting ready to go on a trip!! I am so exhausted by the time I get in the car.

Yeah--yer--as in yer tha bomb..

Missy said...

Ha ha, you are so funny Micki. Why is it, this is always how it goes before a trip? It is so dang stressful! I hope you are able to get everyone well and everything done so you can have a great vacation!
I have family in Sandy too. I love it there!

Laura said...

I'm sorry to hear yer girls are sick. I sure hope yer boys don't get it! Have a fun time on yer trip!

Anonymous said...

I know. I figure we'll all be sick for the next 20 years.

The Foulgers said...

I hope that you can get all the things you want accomplished. I also hope the boys or you don't get sick, especially with a long drive ahead of you.
I wanted to let you know I'm not going to be able to make it to your get together. It's the place and time that won't work for me. I can't leave my house till 5:30 (I couldn't find anyone to watch my kids, so I can't leave till my hubby gets home). To get downtown at that time of day would take me at least an hour, maybe even longer. That puts me at the resturant at 6:30 at the soonest. I'm so bummed out, I would have loved to see you. I hope you have a safe trip and have tons of fun while you're in SLC!

Kristina P. said...

Have a safe drive! I'm excited to see you tomorrow.

gigi said...

Yall be safe and have a great time!!