Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Toymakers Grand Idea

So, Ashley's in a school play and Tuesday night we got to go see her perform.

It was pretty cute. Typical elementary play I suppose, lots of missed lines, and stage fright and what not, but it was cute and fun (aside from the very annoying kids of mine who wouldn't hold still during the performance, but what do you expect from twenty-two month olds right?)

The play was called "The Toymaker's Grand Idea". Here it is in a nutshell........The toymaker is tired of working so hard on his creations, and dreams up a way to do less work and get rich fast.

meeting of the city council, to discuss this dreadful plan...

Here he presents his idea to his marketing girl. It's a card, and the kiddies just look into it, and wish for the toy they want to be.

Big birthday party for some lucky kid. The presents were a hoot. They looked like they were about to topple over at any second.
So, kids start getting the card for their birthdays, or Christmas, and desire to be a toy. Poof! they become the toy.
One of Ashley's pals, (we'll just call her C-for privacy).

She played the role of school teacher.
Poor teacher, now that her students were turning into toys, they weren't paying attention in class, so they weren't learning anything.
My favorite part, the Barbie Girls' performance.
(My Ashley is the cute Barbie in the white hat)

TeddyBear Performance...

The Baby Dolls performance...

All the toys were acting up during school, they demolished the school library.....

The Topps performance.
In the end, a Grumpy Gramms came up with a plan to reverse the toymakers grand idea, and all the toys were turned back into kids again (including Grumpy Gramms).

The End


Kristina P. said...

It looks like they did a great job! School plays are always fun.

gigi said...

That was a cute idea for a school play. I bet Ashley had fun doing it. The video cracked me up. How come all little girls sing like that these days?
Today was our last day of school. Whoo hoo!

The Foulgers said...

I heard that the school was doing a play. Why do they decide to do fun things at school once we move?:) It looks like it was super cute and the kids looked like they had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

wow Mikki! I am impressed!!!! That is really cute... especialyl for a school play! sometimes school plays are just dumb.... or they just use another "play" and do it themselves {like the Nutcracker...etc} and your Cute Barbie of a Daughter did a great job :)

imbeingheldhostage said...

She's the only one doing the moves! She rawks Mikki.