Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cell Phone Saturday #2

These two first pics are brought to you by Target. sorry, I forgot to turn them the right way, but it doesn't really make a difference. 

These are being sold as artwork, I think the price was $19.99 each.

 Reminds me very much of the grid thingy that goes on the front of a fan that they've just painted a design on.
If I really liked it enough, I could save myself the $20 and create my own.
But, I don't really like it enough.

The next two were in my cell phone for a while now. But here is one of Haley's big accomplishments from last year.

She finally learned how to ride her bike. Yay Haley!!

What pics are still in your cell phone?


Kristina P. said...

I saw those baskets. I've toyed with getting the red one.

gigi said...

Those are strange looking art pieces! Save your money :p

Yay, Haley! Learning to ride is so hard but once you do, oh the places you can go!

tammy said...

Not a fan of the art either.

Yay Haley!

I really should see what pics are on my phone.

Garden of Egan said...

Those are great!

Cherie said...

I have no clue what those art things are from Target - Hhhmmmm. Not worth 20 bucks though.

Good Job Haley on learning to ride. It gives such freedom to kids doesn't it!! Fun