Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekly goals

I've still got resolutions on my mind. What about you?
The them in church on Sunday was Resolutions and goals, and some really great points were made. One thought was that a goal not written down is just a wish. Another thing I took from the talks is that it's ok to make a ton of resolutions, even if they don't all get accomplished. Maybe it won't happen over the course of one year, but over the course of your lifetime instead.
I kind of came away from the meeting thinking that I haven't resolved to do enough this year. crazy!

There IS a mile-long list in my head of things I need/want to do better. I think I'll start writing those down and checking in frequently to help myself remember them and check my progress.

An idea I had though is to make one little project-goal each week. Just one thing, maybe something around the house that I've been putting off, or perhaps something to do with my kids to improve our relationships.
Off the top of my head, several things pop up:
  • organize my closet
  • create/organize my craft space
  • clean out the fridge
  • create some inventory for my etsy shop
  • get my laundry ALL CAUGHT UP
  • spend some one on one time with each of my kids
  • create a budget
  • get the family photos organized/work on scrapbooks
So many things I need to take care of. Those are just a few. If I can pick and accomplish one thing each week, then by the end of the year I'll really feel like I've accomplished something.

I think I'll start posting about these things on Monday's.

So what should I do this week? Honest to goodness, I'm feeling kind of crappy right now (caught a head cold) and don't feel like doing anything, so this week's needs to be super easy.

The fridge. That'll be it for this week. I'm going to get that fridge cleaned out and cleaned up.
This one will probably be a recurring goal each month. Funny how the fridge gets so messy so fast.


Connie said...

You have some great goals. It feels so good to cross things off a list. Looking forward to your Monday posts!

Michelle Alley said...

You said that you need/want to do better - that's my goal for 2012 -trying to do things better - eat better, organize better - I think with where my life is right now - it's a resolve I can handle!

I'm not sure that laundry is ever caught up is it?! Posting about your progress and weekly goal - is a really great idea Mikki! Good luck and I hope you feel better :)

Dolly said...

Mikki-I LOVE opening your blog and hearing my Donny sing to me-♥ Thank you my dear friend- for thinking of my dreamboat singer too:) Thanks for motivating me to write a to-do list also before December hits.