Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly goals-Week 2

So, it's Monday, and I'm due to report in about last weeks first goal.

I was supposed to clean out my fridge. I just got around to it this morning.

Here are the before shots...

 There was still turkey and cheese balls in there from Christmas!

this was my sink before.....
and after. 

 Much better. Now I just need to hit the grocery store!

On to this weeks project.

Meet my closet.
my side->

 It's really a wonderfully big closet!! That was definitely one of the selling features of our new place. There's also another walk in closet in our bathroom.  I love the storage space!!

<-Jon's side

But, I'm not loving this mess. This is pretty much the remaining spot where I still have to finish unpacking boxes and figuring out the set-up for my junk.

I need my side to not only house my clothing and shoes, but also most of my craft supplies. I have pictures, and scrapbooking stuff, beads and of course fabric and sewing stuff to stash in here. I'd like it to look nice when I'm done. So, I guess I'll work at it the same way you eat an elephant. A bite at a time. I think if I spend an hour in there (at least) every day this week, then come Monday morning it'll look fabulous!

Hope I don't get lost in there!


Garden of Egan said...

Those are great shots! I love befores and afters.

I cleaned my fridge on Friday. I love a clean fridge.

If you haven't posted something by Monday, I'll call out the calvary!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Im also a before/after kinda gal. Im always taking before/after shots.

My advice for the closets and stuff - take everything out before trying to organize it. It helps a ton. Im a big stickler for organization so Im always re-doing stuff. I wish I had tons of money and space so everything could all be matchy and neat :)

Connie said...

Great job on the fridge!! I'm envious of your big, spacious, closet! Can't wait to see the after pictures! You can do it!!