Tuesday, May 20, 2008


OK, so Sunday, Bro. York stopped me and asked if he and the bishop could visit with me this week (tonight, Tuesday). I said sure, 5:30 would be fine. So, tonight I'm at home, waiting for them to come by. About 5:45 bro. York calls to remind me of our appointment. That's when it occurs to me that perhaps I'm supposed to meet the bishop at the church. Duh'!!
So, I say, "I'll be right over" and I rush out the door. As I'm walking into the church, I think to myself, "maybe I should have put on a skirt or something?" I'm wearing walking shorts and an ok top.
I sure hope I didn't come across as disrespectful.

So, all week (well all 2 days since Sunday) I've been wondering what kind of calling I'm going to be getting.
Well, that wasn't it at all.
Bishop just wanted to sort of touch base and see how I'm doing. It's been brought to his attention, that I've been considering getting myself ready to go to the temple. So, he kind of went through the list of questions with me, to help me see if there are any areas I need to work on. Of course, there are. So, hopefully over the next month or so I can work on them, and I think I have a little thinking to do as well, to determine if there are any other issues/areas I need to work on before entering the Lords house.
Wish me luck.


jamieBEE said...

GOOD LUCK!!!!! good luck good luck good luck! Way to GO! You are awesome!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! and your girls and your family! and I LOVE that you started a blog!!! :) Good Luck preparing yourself for the your first temple experience! I am going to be there :) Let me know when and what time!

jamieBEE said...

the reason I am so excited you started a blog is so I can read about the awesome things you are doing in you life..... i love you reading your blog!

Missy said...

That's great Mikki! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! I will never forget the first time I went through the Temple. Believe will never forget it.

It was such a Beautiful Experience. I would go on and on....but I won't! :) I am happy for you!!

Oh word of advice: Now that you are getting ready to go, the Adversary will be working SUPER HARD on you to keep you from going. Don't Let Him Win!!!

Mikki said...

Thanks for all the support!!
Merrianne-he already is working on me I think. But, I won't let him win.

Kiley and Cheryl-Lynn said...

That is very exciting Mikki! The temple is such a wonderful place- and the Las Veges temple is especially pretty!

Anonymous said...

Stay Strong! :) It's definitely worth it!!

You get to go to the Las Vegas temple?!?! LUUUCKY!! It is beautiful! well...ALL temples are..but that one is really beautiful! :)

the boyd family said...

oh that is so wonderful! i'm so happy for you, and you can do it!!!

don't worry about not dressing up for the meeting with the bishop. he has a wife, he knows how "a day in the life of mom" goes. :)

Nicole Manuele said...

That is awesome! Good Luck.

Rod & LaDawn said...

Good Luck!! It is definitely something you won't regret. The blessings that will come your way will be amazing. Take a class if there's one available & Ditto to what Merrianne said. He'll do anything to keep you away. Just recognize his little annoying attempts to make you fail for what they are. Don't expect it to stop once you've gone either. It never fails, the day we have set aside to go is always filled with a few challenges. Sometimes to the point that we feel like it would be way easier to stay home. Ya just gotta keep pluggin' along and GO!