Saturday, May 10, 2008

Laundered with Love? no, wait, how about I LOVE MY MOMMY!!

Moms just know how to do things. I'm not referring to myself either, but to my own sweet mom. She's wonderful! She was in town last weekend. Her and dad spent a month in Tennessee visiting my sister, and were passing through town on their way home to CA. I had to work Saturday, but as I was leaving, mom asked if there was anything around the house she could do to help out while I was at work. Of course, my first response was "Naw, just relax and enjoy the day." She responded that she was happy to help out any way. So I told her about the mountain of laundry that had been accumulating all week. Somehow I fell way behind in that department that week. "O.K." She said cheerfully. Well, needless to say, when I got home from work she was finishing up the last couple loads. And let me tell you, my laundry smells great!! Why doesn't it smell that nice when I do it? Maybe I'm a little frugal with the fabric softener, or maybe it's just mom's special touch?

My mom is so t-double-e-double-r-double-r-double-i-double-f-double-i-double-c-c-c-Terrific!!!

  • She was here for me for the month after the babies were born-I don't know what I would have done without her.

  • she knits the warmest slippers almost every year for Christmas

  • she was my "protector" growing up (I was scared to death of my military man dad)

  • she taught me how to cook and clean and sew (don't hold my current cleaning skills against her though, I've just become really lazy)

  • she made sure I had the church in my life

  • she loves me despite the mistakes and bad choices I'v made

  • so many other things too numerous to mention.


I love you!


the boyd family said...

happy mother's day! mikki, you're an example to all mothers. sacrament meeting, sunday after sunday~ i couldn't survive with twins, much less bringing them to church... you make it look effortless! :) and your girls are so well-behaved too. you're such an example to me!

Mikki said...

Well, thanks Nicole. Just goes to show how looks can be deceiving! LOL (the effortless part)
The girls surely are my support system. And thank goodness for Jon too, I wouldn't make it to church on time most Sunday's if he didn't help me get out the door.