Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What would you suggest?

OK, I need suggestions for feeding my little guys. They are in the finger food stage now, and I really need some ideas on what to feed them. I want to give them more than just the baby food from the jars. It's been too long I guess. So far, I've been trying out toast, bread, cheerios, shredded cheese, small fruit dices, pasta. What else do you guys feed your little ones? I'm trying to stick to soft choices that are easy to gum and don't require too much chewing.


Anonymous said...

elbow macaroni noodles, shell shaped pasta, rotini noodles....i stick with the soft stuff....i tend to get a little nervous with their First Foods :)

Missy said...

Mine always loved yogurt. Those little puffs in the baby snack section are good too. I'm totally drawing a blank right now, if I think of more I'll comment again.

Kata said...

my doc said, what ever you eat, feed your babies. Just cut it smaller... that way they will adapt to the table food quicker and easier. so..... everything. (except Pbutter and eggs)