Friday, June 6, 2008


Well, a little bit better.
At least, now I can see what I have.

Not too sure about the helfulness factor.


Anonymous said...

ooh- - - you know you can learn a lot about a person from looking into their pantry. I am impressed with yours!!! I can see that you are a Choosy Mom...cuz Choosy Moms Choose JIF!

(I'm a Choosy Mom, too!)

jamieBEE said...


Anonymous said...

oh yes....bowls were my kids' favorite toys, too! :)

Mikki said...

Merrianne: Isn't it funny how they get the most enjoyment out of the stuff we DIDN'T spend $5000 on. And the stuff we DID shell out cold hard cash for, they forget about in like 2 seconds?