Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some of todays projects

I'm taking a little inspiration from Jamie, and posting the messy stuff I need to take care of today. I hope it will embarrass me into getting it cleaned up.
Here's that darn kitchen counter again. See, it was just a matter of days before it piled up again.
The dishes.
The laundry
what really chaps my hide, is that probably 1/4 of the clothes on the floor in the girls' room haven't even been worn.
This picture and the one before is actually not today's project. This will be the girls' project during track break in a few weeks. (if I haven't gone through with a trash bag for everything yet)


jamieBEE said...

Ewwww! Gross! ;) I hope that will help motivate you!!! :)
Did you notice today I have a before pic of the laundry room and instead of an after picture.... We went to the park!!!! Hahaha! Two days organizing in a row is pushing it for me! :) good luck and I want to see your happy after shots!

Anonymous said...

doesn't it drive you nuts when NEW clothes end up in the laundry room because they are dirty...not from being worn but from being STEPPED ON!?!?!

oooh..i remember getting in big trouble for that when i was a kid, too! :0