Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad

  • smart as a whip
  • opinionated
  • jack of all trades
  • when he tucked me into bed at night, he didn't just cover me up, oh no. He made sure I was tucked in. He would tuck the blankets under my legs and arms, I felt like a mummy.
  • we would wake up almost every Saturday morning to the music emanating from dads reel to reel. He would play his favorites--country music oldies. Whenever those infomercials for TimeLife cd's come on, I can pretty much sing along with all the songs.
  • he's a little nervous holding babies, most especially newborns.
  • I used to think he would be a great stand-in for the Incredible Hulk. He was always very strong.
  • He always plants a garden. He has a green thumb.
  • he told us he loved us every day
  • He nicknamed me Schatze (shotzee), when I was little, which is German for sweetheart.
  • He is always calling us funny names, like Herkamer George. My brothers, he would call Jamie, or Daisy especially if he wanted to get their goat.
  • He is always making up funny songs. One he always used to sing to me was: (to the tune of Georgie Porgie)" Schatzee Watzee pudnin' pie, kissed the boys and made them cry, when the girls came out to play, Schatzee Watzee ran away."
  • He likes to sing, and has a pretty good voice too.
  • Patriotic
  • I was named after his nickname.

Happy Father's Day dad. I love you!!

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