Wednesday, June 18, 2008

the latest scoop

Well, the boys were pretty good yesterday for their pictures. Jason was more cooperative than Justin, the opposite of how I initally thought it would be since Justin is the one who ended up taking a nap, and Jason skipped his. I can't wait to see the finished product.
I'm joining a family home evening blog, the link is on the side bar. I'm hoping that if I feel like I need to post a lesson each week for this blog, it will be the impetus I need to institute FHE more regularly in my home. It's one of those things I still struggle with. My problem is usually just in the preparation. The kids are always more than willing to have family home evening, I'm just not great at getting a lesson together. So, maybe now that will change.
Today, I didn't get much done again--2 1/2 loads of laundry, my toilet cleaned, and the dishwasher loaded and started. I did clean out and fill up 12 2-liter soda bottles with water for my food storage. I emptied out the bottom of the linen closet to store them. I need to fill about 10 more in order to finish filling up the space. After that, I'm not sure where else I can store water. I have three cases of bottled water in the garage, that I'm hoping to have on hand for an emergency. I'm not sure the garage is good for water storage though, or if the temperature is a consideration. I'll have to read up on it. I need to begin stocking up on food storage items. This issue is still weighing pretty heavily on my mind. I'm not sure if it's just because of all the commotion in the world right now, or what.
I was thinking at work last night, that I would so love to be able to work from home. But I just don't know what I could do. I do have some sewing skills, and I adore purses. So, maybe I'll try making a few and seeing if I could sell them on-line. I don't know that I'd ever be able to sell enough to make much income at it, but hey, it might be interesting anyway. So, I'm gonna' give this a little more thought and investigation.


jamieBEE said...

I think that the purse idea is a great idea!!! It is always fun when your hobbies pay you money! you can check out a website for handmade crafts. It is free and easy to sell things.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you want to work from home :) Give it a shot ... you never know unless you try! :) I bet you could sell your homemade purses!!!

the boyd family said...

i like how you said you didn't get much done... then you listed like 20 things you did :) i do the same thing. and hey, it's a great day when the toliets are cleaned!

good luck with the work from home thing. you might want to make purses and even a few different things to sell. (my mother in law did catering when her boys were younger-if you like cooking and whatnot- thought i'd pass the idea along- the food can be made at home and you just deliver it)

anna banana said...

The boys did great and the pictures are cute, I cant wait to get them finished and up so you can see them! Thanks for doing it Mikki!!

Rebecca said...

If you love to blog, I have found success in earning an income through blogging. I'd love to teach you how to set it all up if you're interested. It's a process of patience and you won't make a huge amount at first - but if you're willing to put in the time, it will grow & I think you'd love it. :)

Clark and I have been building up our food storage as you know - and I feel that a lot of people are feeling the need to get serious about it now. Who knows what's to come in our future but it's good that we're acting on these feelings.

Good job on getting the laundry done- it's my least favorite chore and I've been neglecting it for quite a few weeks - just got to it today and I still haven't put all the clothes away. I despise laundry >:P