Friday, June 6, 2008

Organization Challenge

One Pantry

Six shelves
And two little helpers....

So, I am taking Jamies challenge ( ), and organizing one thing each day for the rest of the month. Well, Monday through Friday anyway.
So obviously today it's the pantry.
On a side note, itsn't it amazing how you don't notice how bad something is getting to be until you see a picture of it? I.e.... my weight, i.e....the floor of the pantry. What is that gunk on the floor? Uuugh!! How disgusting. I never even noticed it until I saw the picture. It's been a while, obviously since I cleaned out the pantry. How embarrassing!


Mrs. Mordecai said...

My pantry's a mess, too, even though I cleaned it out recently. I guess I should follow your example!

We wanted to do raised beds made with the stone pavers, but it would cost a lot more. We have ambitious plans, but there's a lot to save up for!

Anonymous said...

That is seriously a great challenge! I NEED to do it, too!
Thanks for the Motivation!

the boyd family said...

go you! i always feel so productive when i can SEE the final results. there are a few drawers and cabinets that are needing my attention, that i casually pretend don't exist :)

and it is so true, seeing something in a picture shows it much more clearly (like my weight!)

ps- love the 2 little helpers!

Ashley said...

the part of two little helpers craced me up