Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's challenge

Ok today, on the Flylady site, the zone mission is to clean out the fridge. I think that goes splendily for my organization challenge. So, I'm trying to decide if I'll count that, or do it in addition to ...

this. My dish storage cabinet under the island. It's not always looking like this, really. This is what happens after I've thrown all the plastic bowls back in after the boys have gone through them for about the 3rd time in a day.

I've been thinking about putting the locks on the doors, but it seems like they need some area in the kitchen that's safe for them to get into. But, I'm getting tired of tripping over the mess on the floor, not to mention re-stacking the containers.

So, anyway, if I'm really good I'll do both challenges today. If not, then one will wait for tomorrow.


Rod & LaDawn said...

Looks great. Can you come and organize my stuff now?!? BTW, I went to that beiteversohumble blog - very cool!

Rod & LaDawn said...

I guess I should have posted the above comment on the "after" shots - oops! This pic of the cabinets is exactly what mine look like right now. I can't muster up enough motivation right now to do anything about it though. I keep expecting the nesting instinct to kick in here sometime soon, but it's just not happening!!!!!