Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More rambling

Well, Jon stayed home from work yesterday, and I actually got something done. Yay!!! I suggested to Jon that we re-arrange the living room, which is something we've both been thinking about lately. I was hoping he would be agreeable, because I find it to be the best way to do a good cleaning. We get the whole room vacuumed, i.e. under the couches, and everything dusted, the computer area gets a good cleaning, etc. etc...
So, he took the bait, and we (I should say, mostly he) rearranged the living room. I'm quite happy with how it looks. Now I just need to get the kitchen cleaned up.
Ashley and Haley began work on their bedroom. They cleared up the floor quite a bit. I can actually walk through there now without feeling like I'm climbing a mountain. They still have a way to go, but I get to help them with the rest, which is going through everything they own, and deciding what to do with it.
So, todays projects are the kitchen, the laundry, and the girls' room.
Since the girls are on track break, I also need to think of some cheap, fun, cool things to do with them. I'll probably be hitting Michael's later this week for craft projects. I also think we'll be hitting the community center swimming pool as much as we can.
Last night, after FHE, we had family game night. We played UNO. So much fun. The girls really love it when we have game night. I usually don't really want to play a game, but once we get started we always have so much fun. I have to remember how much fun we usually have whenever I start to say no when they request it.
The reason Jon stayed home today, was so he could take the car in for it's 60,000 mile tune-up. He called me at about 8:00 saying we will be needing more work on the car than we already anticipated. On top of the tires and breaks that we need, we'll also need some belts and hoses changed. Ah well, better to get it all out of the way I guess. Instead of complaining, I'll count my blessings. I'm grateful to have a car, I'm grateful to have a house to clean, I'm grateful I have beautiful children to mess it up, I'm grateful that all I have to deal with here is the heat, and not some of the other disasters facing the nation right now. I'm grateful for clothes to wear, food to eat, a loving husband, and the wonderful gospel.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the length of this post? Go back to your scriptures!!!

Just kidding. Thanks for your comment. One thing that you could do would be reading your scriptures online :o)

The Foulgers said...

Isn't it great with the kids on track break we have been able to get so much accomplished! We are also doing the home organizing projects!

the boyd family said...

that was such a great post, i love how you put a positive spin on everything you've been trying to get done. i've just been thinking the same thing of ALL the things i need to get done around the house. within a week, i usually get all the cleaning/laundry/ironing done ... but then it needs to be done again. i can't ever seem to win! but you're right... i'm grateful that i have all that to do, and i should count my blessings and not count my chores.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Why does it always seem than when it is time for our car's "Check Up" there is always something else wrong?!?! that happens here, too! :(

But...look at how you ended your post!!!! All positive & perky! I love it!!!

Sometimes I dred playing games with my kids but it ALWAYS ends up SO FUN!! least 99.9% of the time :)